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A Sagittarius and Virgo match is a match with two very different speeds indeed. Both Sagittarius and Virgo will need to work regularly to meet their partners halfway on their own individual speeds. But overall this is a match where the differences will complement each other, and will be flexible and easy going most of the time. That's because Sagittarius and Virgo are among the most flexible in the zodiac, so these two will certainly spend a lot of time easing, and pleasing each other, if they can keep up with each other's pace.

sagittarius and virgo Compatibility - The Pros

Sagittarius and Virgo enter this relationship with two very different paces in mind. They both have the same end game in mind however, most of the time. So it will be a matter of timing and luck for Sagittarius and Virgo, which fortunately Sagittarius has in spades. Sagittarius is the lucky one ruled by Jupiter, but a mutable Fire Sign which means it is a fast paced energy that is always flitting from one thing to the next. Virgo is usually pretty grounded and stead fast, and is kind of enticed by the excitement Sagittarius brings to the table. Virgo also shoots from the hip which is something that Sagittarius is really turned on by, as Sagittarius is not afraid to let you know exactly where they stand either. Virgo will appreciate this in Sagittarius as well. Additionally, as both are Mutable Signs, we have two very flexible personalities here. So when problems arise, and they will, thee easygoing Sagittarius and Virgo will not linger on them for long.

sagittarius and virgo Compatibility - The Cons

Sagittarius and Virgo are on two completely different planes when it comes to speed. Sagittarius will be out 4 nights of the week, and Virgo will complain about that, a lot. Either that or Sagittarius will complain about that, a lot. Sagittarius has a way of needing to get their own way, or a little temper tantrum could erupt. Virgo does not see the point in this drama and if this card is played too often, Virgo will move on to find someone else. As both of these signs are Mutable Signs, we have Sagittarius and Virgo both as a sign that is subject to change given the environment. If one is looking for a commitment, they will need to make this clear to the other or there could be some hurt feelings arise. Sagittarius especially does not like to be tied down, so Virgo will need to make this very clear early on before any misunderstandings arise.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Although this match seems like one where there are more differences than common space, the truth is that this is an easygoing pair between Sagittarius and Virgo. Both have a deep respect for how the other does not control or act too stubborn. And both forgive and forget very quickly. Both Sagittarius and Virgo come to the relationship in different speeds. Sagittarius wants everything to happen right now, Virgo wants to think things over. So both Sagittarius and Virgo are going to need to meet each other halfway if they want this to work over time. Sagittarius will need to slow down, and Virgo can pick up the pace, and this mutable easygoing pair should have no problem meeting the other somewhere in between.

What do the Cards Say About Your Relationship?

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