The scorpio zodiac sign in black.
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Many experts will say the Scorpio and Aquarius match is one that has more differences than common ground, but those wanting to make this love compatibility work will find a way. That's the way of the Fixed Sign which is the case with both zodiac signs in this relationship. Here we have the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio paired with the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius. These are two very intense energies coming together, and from different elements at that. Wind and water aren't necessarily the most compatible energies, but both Scorpio and Aquarius share a vision of the world at large that brings a lovely energy to this union. When both are able to put their stubborn sides aside, they will find their shared visions merge into a beautiful thing for as long as they want it to be.

scorpio and aquarius Compatibility - The Pros

The Scorpio and Aquarius match is one that brings a different energy into the game of love compatibility. On paper Scorpio and Aquarius have many differences that don't seem to blend well. But when they come together in real life, their energies are refreshing to the other. As the Fixed Air Sign, Aquarius is a big thinker that is very intelligent and likes to explore philosophical conversation. Scorpio is often very smart, and thus finds this trait in Aquarius very sexy. Both Scorpio and Aquarius as fixed signs are also very loyal, and so once they set their eyes on each other it will be difficult for either to waver. Scorpio has an open and emotional side to them that Aquarius is unaccustomed to, but appreciates because it brings a new perspective. Aquarius on the other hand brings a wit and conversation to the table that is very stimulating to Scorpio. Scorpio will spend many nights being unable to sleep over the little "isms" that Aquarius injects into this relationship.

scorpio and aquarius Compatibility - The Cons

Although Scorpio and Aquarius will be able to share a vision in terms of long term love and intellectual conversation, they also both share a stubborn and jealous streak. As a result, the relationship could come in harms way if neither is willing to budge from an opinion or a fight. Aquarius approaches love problems in a different way than Scorpio, and doesn't understand Scorpio's need for overt emotional displays. This frustrates Scorpio, who needs attention and affection to feel secure in relationships. If Scorpio doesn't see enough of it from Aquarius, their minds will spiral into the worst case scenario. Aquarius finds this too much sometimes, and might even feel stifled by it. Scorpio on the other hand doesn't understand why Aquarius can't emote a little bit more. Criticism is quick from Aquarius and easily wounds sensitive Scorpio. Scorpio's stinger on the other hand might leave permanent wounds with Aquarius if Scorpio isn't careful.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Scorpio and Aquarius have the trait of being a straight shooter in common, and they both really appreciate this trait in the other. As a result, if this pair is committed to making it work, straight shooting conversation will be the way they work around it. Scorpio will need to pull back on the possessive side, and not take everything so personally on occasion. Aquarius as well has the same problem, but needs to learn to emote more, and be practical less, especially when it comes to conversations of the heart. When both Scorpio and Aquarius are able to put their shared vision on the table when having these heart to hearts, theirs is a love that will last many generations, because that's exactly what both of them want!

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