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To many on the outside, the Scorpio and Gemini match will seem like an odd couple in terms of love compatibility. Both Scorpio and Gemini ultimately want the same things however, and their differences also balance each other out very nicely. Scorpio is loyal and committed which Gemini needs. And Scorpio needs a brain to pick every now and then which Gemini has in spades. Where this couple will differ will be in their Fixed and Mutable natures. Scorpio is committed and loyal to the point of obsessive. Gemini needs room to breathe or they will run. Balance in both of these areas will be required from Scorpio and Gemini for this love compatibility pair to make it the long haul.

scorpio and gemini Compatibility - The Pros

The advantages that Scorpio and Gemini have going for them in love are that their differences complement each other very well. Scorpio is more emotional than practical, and Gemini's practical gifts complement Scorpio really well. Gemini can handle the mundane details of life for Scorpio, and this is a huge turn on for Scorpio. Gemini likes being able to fill this need as well. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and loves a good witty banter, or a deep philosophical discussion as well. Scorpio will be particularly attracted to this and love working out one of their detective stories with Gemini on occasion.  When Scorpio needs advice, Gemini is a great go to, and Scorpio finds this a huge turn on. Gemini likes being needed as well, and this is as big a turn on for Gemini when Scorpio asks them for advice.

scorpio and gemini Compatibility - The Cons

As much as Scorpio and Gemini will have long conversations, not all of them will be great ones. These two zodiac signs have very different versions of the truth sometimes, and as a Fixed Sign, Scorpio is committed to digging until it is found. Gemini isn't always too pleased by this fixated nature, and handles it with a bit of double talking instead. This is infuriating to Scorpio and so there will be many petty squabbles over the littlest things. Gemini has a bit of a sarcastic wit that can go a little too far in these moments, and during heated times will be the most obvious times that this couple is definitely the odd couple. Scorpio is additionally very jealous and only focuses on one mate. Gemini on the other hand needs to feel free in their relationship, or their wandering eye could get the best of them.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

One thing this couple does have going for them is that they both want the same things in love. They both want a long and happy relationship, but they do approach those goals from completely different perspectives. Scorpio is a slower and emotional pace, Gemini is more impulsive and fast moving. Compromise from both Scorpio and Gemini are going to need to come into play to make sure they have more good long conversations than bad ones. Scorpio can pick up the pace a bit to match Gemini's energy level, but also pull back on the jealous and obsessive streak. Gemini on the other hand knows how special Scorpio needs to feel, so needs to practice a little more give in that area so Scorpio feels more secure in the relationship. Both Scorpio and Gemini need to keep the mean words at bay when they argue, and come from a place of love when they are trying to work things out. If they can, those long conversations will turn into a sexual chemistry that will create sparks in this dynamic duo!

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