The scorpio zodiac sign in black.
A red heart compatibility symbol.
The virgo zodiac sign in black.

The match between Scorpio and Virgo is a mutually satisfying one that has all of the potential to stand the test of time. Both Scorpio and Virgo not only want the same things, but they have qualities to offer the other that complements those goals very well. In this match we have the Fixed Water Sign of Scorpio pairing with the Mutable Earth Sign of Virgo. This is a nourishing relationship where one zodiac sign is always pouring into the other's basic needs and wants. This relationship will be slow to start, but both are looking for marriage and long term stability. Once it gets off the ground, this relationship is rooted in a friendship that has the potential to last through to marriage and many generations to come as well.

scorpio and virgo Compatibility - The Pros

In this match we have the Fixed Water Sign of Scorpio pouring love into a relationship with the Mutable Earth Sign of Virgo. This is a very complementary match with a high rating of love compatibility. Scorpio and Virgo are always giving each other what they want and need. Scorpio needs to be in control with someone who is loyal and flexible. So Scorpio is very attracted to all of this that Virgo has to offer and more. At the same time, Virgo is a big thinker and loves how intelligent Scorpio is, and how they are always working on a mystery or puzzle. Virgo doesn't rush into anything but this relationship will start off with a beautiful friendship. Scorpio will appreciate that Virgo loves them for who they are, and not for the sex appeal that Scorpio offers. Virgo will love Scorpio's sexiness, but is respectful enough to only offer Scorpio intimacy when they feel they have earned it. To Scorpio, this is a huge turn-on. The mutual respect early on in this relationship then is one that definitely gives it karmic long term potential.

scorpio and virgo Compatibility - The Cons

There is a slow pace to this relationship that may not always go over well for Scorpio and Virgo. Virgo in particular is very methodical in their approach, and this can be very frustrating to Scorpio. Once Scorpio knows what they want, they don't want to wait for it. So this will be a lesson that Scorpio will need to learn well in this love match. Scorpio also needs to hold off the jealousy around Virgo, as Virgo can feel stifled very easily. And as a Mutable Sign, flexibility is a trait but so is the wandering eye when they are feeling stifled. Virgo is marked by the Hermit in the Tarot, and is not the one to paint the town red. This will leave Scorpio lonely on occasion, because Scorpio really likes to go out and stir it up. Neither of these signs likes drama, but Scorpio's temper may come out once in a while. Virgo will be able to handle it to some extent, but Scorpio is best not to push it.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

What we have in the Scorpio and Virgo match is a natural love compatibility that is fed off of and nurtured by the other. Virgo is one of the most easygoing signs in the zodiac, and so will not be bothered too much by Scorpio's mood swings. Scorpion needs someone like that and this will help the relationship survive. Scorpio needs to be sure they don't take their Virgo for granted though, because even flexible Virgo has a limit as well. At the end of the day however, there is a deep friendship marked by loyalty and flexibility that will ride this couple through almost any storm.

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