The taurus zodiac sign in black.
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The aries zodiac sign in black.

A Taurus and Aries match is a lovely and loving combination, one ruled with the glory of love. This is a quintessential Mars and Venus pairing, as Aries is ruled by Mars and Taurus by the lovely Venus. This match will produce balance and union, and will never be short on romance! Where problems may occur will be in the Aries desire to rush in and swoop pretty Taurus off their feet, while Taurus wants to take things a bit slower. When taken in stride, both of these signs can learn and grow together, and create a match made in heaven.

taurus and aries Compatibility - The Pros

A Taurus and Aries match has a lot going for it from the get go. We have the Fixed Earth Sign with Taurus who is ruled by Venus, the god of love and beauty. Taurus then is all things sensual, luxurious, and beautiful, and also grounded in the Earth so as real as it gets. Aries loves that! These are in fact all of the qualities that Aries wants. Taurus loves how Aries goes after things in life, and creates opportunities out of almost nothing on occasion. Taurus likes their pretty things as well, and Aries is successful enough to help Taurus achieve those. As the Cardinal Fire Sign, Aries is a skilled decision maker and starter as well, which is good for Taurus who has a tendency to think a little too much about things sometimes. For those looking for a sexy relationship, this one has all of the ingredients required, offering both partners essentially the other half of the coin they have been searching for in love.

taurus and aries Compatibility - The Cons

There are a few wrinkles found in this match made in heaven, where Aries and Taurus complement each other is also precisely where they will contradict. Aries likes to rush in and is often impulsive and spontaneous. Taurus doesn't like that, and thinks or moves a little slower than Aries will like on occasion. Both of these signs are intensely jealous as well. And so when you mix the temper of fiery Aries with the temper of the stubborn Taurus, this will lead to some very heated discussions. For Aries, the sparks of fighting are often over as soon as they fling them out, but Taurus will hold onto these matters for a long time. Possibly forever. Both of the signs also want their own way, almost all of the time. This is another area where tempers could ignite. Aries will need to remember not to fuel the Taurus temper, because once a Fixed Sign is ticked off, it is very difficult to come back to them.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Taurus is a sucker for charm and beautiful things, so if Aries makes a mistake or two with their Taurus, they will need to woo their Taurus back into their good graces. Aries is good at this, so this will not be a problem, so long as they remember this key point. Both of these parties need to learn to pull back a little on their most intense traits. Taurus needs to exercise a little bit more of the Aries spontaneity, and Aries needs to be flexible with Taurus slow moving and methodical ways. If both of the parties in a Taurus and Aries match can accomplish this, the masculine and feminine energies in this union will create a lovely relationship for a long time to come. And this relationship will never be short of sparks or romance, so long as both parties are willing to work it. Which they are!

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