The taurus zodiac sign in black.
A red heart compatibility symbol.
The cancer zodiac sign in black.

A Taurus Cancer match is one of those matches that many people dream of, so both of these parties will enjoy and cherish this match immensely. Here we have the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus loving the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer, and this is a very compatible match indeed. Earth needs water to feel nurtured and grounded, and Water feeds off of their ability to sustain Earth's needs. This match is very, very good for each other, and some say even has a karmic and soul mate connection. Both in this pair will mutually understand and grow with each other, so long as they focus on that as their shared outcome.

taurus and cancer Compatibility - The Pros

Both Taurus and Cancer want the same things, so when they come together it is truly a remarkable experience. Both are committed to a happy home life. Where Cancer is the domestic center, Taurus makes it beautiful 7 ways to Sunday. A solid home and family, beautiful things around them, and the work ethic to make it all happen is what happens when you see a Taurus and Cancer match. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, and Cancer is ruled by the emotional Moon. There is almost nothing but love shared between these two! Both parties are very feminine energies, so there are deep emotional bonds here that will sustain and nurture both Taurus and Cancer for the long term. Cancer really likes how open and real and grounded Taurus is, and learns how to open up out of their shell a bit more the longer Taurus is around. Taurus is quite attracted to how Cancer puts everyone but them first, and will want this energy to stick around as well. Both Taurus and Cancer prefer quiet nights in over rowdy nights out, another area of compatibility that will only deepen their bonds.

taurus and cancer Compatibility - The Cons

While this is a loving and beautiful relationship indeed, it is not without a few words of caution. Being ruled by the Moon makes Cancer very moody, and this is something that Taurus could become tired of very quickly. This could lead to Cancer taking too much too personally, another matter that Taurus will tire of fast. Cancer is also a Cardinal Sign, and does not just prefer to be the boss, needs to be or the pinchers come out, no matter who you are. This will not always bode well for Taurus's Bull side. Taurus doesn't need to be the boss at all, but certainly doesn't appreciate being wrong, ALL the time.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Even though Taurus and Cancer will experience a few wrinkles along the way, who doesn't? Watery Cancer will always wind up nurturing their Earthy Taurus, and vice versa! Both of these feminine energies simply need to give and take a little in this relationship, and always rely on the strong emotional bonds that connect these two cosmically. Cancer needs to learn to not take everything Taurus does so personally, and Taurus needs to pay just a smidge more attention than with most people to Cancer's feelings. Cancer also needs to ease off on the ordering Taurus around, if they want Taurus to stick around. A little honey in requests will go a lot farther than vinegar is a caution Cancer will need to take seriously. Otherwise however this couple will have a secure and happy home life, and will always be striving to ensure the other party in this Taurus Cancer match is feeling that as often as possible. Literally, a match made in heaven.

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