The taurus zodiac sign in black.
A red heart compatibility symbol.
The gemini zodiac sign in black.

A Taurus and Gemini match is not necessarily the most compatible match on paper, but both Taurus and Gemini have their wills about them which will work well in this pairing. With Taurus we have the Fixed Earth and with Gemini the Mutable Air. There will be many times both parties will wonder, what was I thinking? At the same time, if they both give it some effort, the relationship will grow into something truly unique and beautiful. The Taurus and Gemini match has a lot to offer to both individuals working this out, so long as they both are committed to the same outcome.

taurus and gemini Compatibility - The Pros

In this match we first have Taurus, the Fixed Earth Sign ruled by Venus. So Taurus comes to this match with a lot on the table that Gemini finds very appealing. Gemini is Mutable Air, and ruled by Mercury and so these two will certainly never be short of conversation. Taurus loves Gemini's quick wit and sarcastic energy, and Gemini is never disappointed by Taurus's sensual energy. Taurus is seeking a partner that is both dependable and secure, and Gemini will offer that if their needs are met as well. Gemini's intelligence will often save the day in this case, as Gemini will be on to what Taurus needs and wants much earlier than some other partners might be.

taurus and gemini Compatibility - The Cons

An Air and Earth combination is a difficult one, as Airy Gemini is always moving about. Taurus is grounded in the Earth and a little slower to life than Gemini. This means that Gemini will often feel slowed down by Taurus, and Taurus will want to know why Gemini always needs to be up and about. Gemini is also a Mutable sign, and may have a bit of a wandering eye, or at least a desire to flirt around. This will not exactly go over with the jealous and stubborn Taurus so Gemini needs to curb this enthusiasm just a little bit. Gemini also needs to be honest with Taurus and be very clear on their intentions if they want to avoid the wrath of this Bull. Taurus loves genuine people, a trait that Gemini sometimes needs to work on. But honesty, even if it is not the best news, will win over a Taurus heart any day.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

For this match to be successful at the long term level, both parties will need to work on their love compatibility. For Taurus that will mean pulling back on the stubborn side of things, and letting Gemini win once in a while. Taurus also needs to give Gemini freedom to be who they want to be, and that means pulling back on the jealousy once in a while. Taurus won't want to be out having fun every night, but needs to accept that Gemini does and needs at least a little bit of freedom in areas of this nature. Gemini on the other hand needs to realize that if Taurus seems obsessive and jealous, it is a great sign that they are absolutely crazy about them, and as a Fixed Sign, that often means for life. Gemini also needs to remember that trying to snow their Taurus is going to backfire big time, and Gemini just needs to have some security and confidence in themselves to show their real self to Taurus. That will be one way that this love match can grow together and stand the test of time, despite what their love compatibility may say on paper.

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