As the Fixed Air Sign that is ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is highly intelligent and a little bit out of the box. As such, pet compatibility for Aquarius will rely on these two factors, intelligence, and quirkiness. Aquarius has a big picture view of life, and they are also very philosophical by nature. So there is no species on Earth that Aquarius doesn't like, but of course there are a few that will capture their heart, and their mind, a little more than others.

As Air Signs, Aquarius is ruled by speed and a quick wit. Thus they also appreciate species that are ruled by the air as well, and what better species to honour that than birds? For Aquarius, the every day canary will suffice, but it won't feed their soul in the way that a bright colored cockatiel would. A bird that Aquarius can teach to speak will also be incredibly delightful for Aquarius. Aquarius will also be able to teach a bird tricks or train them to do unique things in life. And if you ever heard of someone that was able to carry on a conversation with their pet bird, that was probably an Aquarius. Aquarius is challenging, and they like to mentally challenge all of those around them, including their pets. So a bird is an ideal mate for Aquarius if it comes with a pre-set range of skills like talking and tricks.

A chameleon is an animal that not everybody can appreciate as a home pet, but Aquarius certainly will! What Aquarius will love about the chameleon is that they literally are a different looking pet every day. As such, chameleons will fascinate Aquarius, and as boring as they may seem, will lead to many hours of entertainment for Aquarius. Chameleons are just enough outside the box to treat Aquarius quirky side as well. Don't be surprised if Aquarius teaches their chameleon a thing or two as far as tricks are concerned as well! If you are looking for something that is low maintenance but on the funky side for Aquarius, chameleons are the perfect pet.

Lab Rats
There are few people on the planet that can get away with having a rat as a pet, but Aquarius is certainly one of them. Lab rats specifically, or white mice are great pets for Aquarius because of their highly evolved brains. These animals are used in scientific studies because their brains oddly enough are so similar to humans. Aquarius loves this! And this kind of pet is weird enough to make Aquarius perfectly happy as well. With a lab rat as a pet, Aquarius who is so highly intellectual will find a new science project at home every day. They will also bond with their rat or mouse in a way that no other zodiac sign will even be interested in. Think of Sheldon Cooper from the show The Big Bang Theory. He may not have been an Aquarius, but it is that type of personality that is similar to Aquarius that is what makes lab rats or scientific mice so perfect for the Aquarius pet owner.