A cat, dog, and bummy cuddling together. Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign and this means they’re the leaders of the pack with one of the fastest elements on the planet. Fire moves quickly and has an almost impossible energy to match. Aries is an independent one, and they’re extremely active in almost everything they do. So when it comes to Aries pet compatibility, Rams want a pet that can keep up with them. Here are your best pet matches, Aries!

Dogs are always a great choice for Aries because dogs like to always be on the go, and will match the energy and action plans of this sign. Aries is not one to fuss for little dogs, but would do well with a larger breed such as a faithful Golden Retriever or a Labrador. Dogs should be playful as well, so maybe stay away from Greyhounds or work dogs like Collies. Rescuing a larger breed from a shelter will help them find a new fur-ever best friend.

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You almost can't find a faster pet to bring into the home than a bird, which makes feathered friends a lot of fun for Aries. Aries doesn't like to fuss too much with pets, so having one caged in the home meets many needs for both Aries and their new family friend.

As independent as birds are, the fancier breeds can be very high in maintenance, so do your homework before bringing home a feathered friend. For Aries, the smaller the bird the better in all likelihood, as this will require less maintenance, while still offering the action-oriented energy of this new family pet!

After dogs, felines are the best pet match for Aries, and there will be many Rams who prefer cats over dogs. The reason for this is simple - cats have a lot of energy and like to play, but then they like to go off and do their own thing once in a while. Aries needs an animal as independent as they are, and this makes cats an ideal match.

Aries and cats get along splendidly, because Aries doesn't like to fuss over too much. Cats also have a special instinct that allows them to be there for Aries when they need them, or to skitter off for some down time when they need chill time themselves.