A cat, dog, and bummy cuddling together. Cancer is the Cardinal Water sign and as such, the domestic center when it comes to the zodiac signs. Cancer is always very busy making sure the homefront is in tip top shape, and are usually found in the kitchen. Cancer isn't too fussy when it comes to animals, but they do have a tendency to be allergic. Smaller animals that cater to their emotional needs are perfect for the Cardinal Water sign.

A hamster makes an ideal pet for Cancer because they’re small and can be held in the hand. Cancer likes bringing things they love close to them, and this is very easy to do with hamsters. Hamsters are very low maintenance, another appealing trait for Cancer.

Smaller animals like guinea pigs for the same reason do very well with Cancer. These small animals also have a brain that stimulates Cancer on occasion, and there is an unpredictability about these small animals that Cancer really enjoys.

Dogs are great pets for Cancer because of their loyalty and emotional capacity. Cancer can also be a bit on the moody side and dogs have a tenacity to be loving of their owners no matter what their emotional temperature. Dogs will put up with pretty much anything that isn't unkind, and will adapt easily to Cancer's changing moods.

For the Cancer with a big family, a larger dog that likes to play and hang out with the gang is ideal. For the Cancer on their own, a smaller dog they can fit in their purse and take shopping with them or to the park will be one that keeps Cancer tickled for years.

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As the Cardinal Water sign, Cancer is very busy in the home. Low maintenance pets that won't be affected by their turbulent moods are ideal for Cancer. Fish are great for Cancer because they share the same energy and are very low maintenance.

Whether Cancer invests in a huge aquarium or has a simple bowl on their desk with a goldfish does not matter. A fish will fascinate Cancer to no end.