A cat, dog, and bummy cuddling together. As the Cardinal Earth sign, Capricorn is known to be the most patient and responsible of all of the zodiac signs. Thus, they’re good with pretty much any pet, so long as they have help caring for it. Capricorn is a workaholic, so a pet that needs to be let out every hour may not be the best option. Capricorn can usually afford to hire someone to help out, but may be better served finding a pet that doesn't require so much attention.

Dogs are man's best friend, and they are to Capricorn as well. Capricorn appreciates the loyalty and predictability of dogs, and find them to be wonderful friends. Capricorn isn’t picky when it comes to purebred or mixed, so really any dog will do for Capricorn. Smaller dogs are not their favorite, but will certainly provide the right companionship for Capricorn when needed.

Larger dogs that are family friendly are enjoyed by Capricorn. As well, breeds higher in intelligence and are known to be good working dogs will be appreciated by Capricorn as well. Capricorn likes to be outside in almost any weather, and this is yet another reason why this pair becomes best friends very quickly.

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Capricorn is another one of the zodiac signs that will develop a unique connection with any horse they bring into the family. Capricorn is also successful enough to afford one, most of the time.

What practical Capricorn appreciates about horses is their usefulness in so many ways, from transportation to recreation to emotional bonding when the need arises. Capricorn will need to have someone on hand to ensure their beloved pet is well taken care of, unless Capricorn is in the horse business.

Rabbits are always great pets for Earth signs because they have a natural love for dirt and nature that Capricorn will really appreciate. Rabbits also have a higher intelligence that Capricorns will pick up on right away. This is another pair bond in this pet compatibility where a unique communication will develop between pet and human.

Both are drawn to Mother Earth, and this bond will develop a psychic connection on levels that allow them both to grow and evolve spiritually. Rabbits can also be taken outside in the summer or warmer temperatures, where Capricorn will enjoy the company.