As the Mutable Air Sign, Gemini is a thinker, and a quick thinker at that. Gemini has the double edged sword of the Twins, and this often makes them unpredictable. This is largely due to their mutable nature, but the intelligence of Gemini can not be mistaken. Thus, Gemini needs a pet that can match their wit, and keep them engaged. While it is impossible to find a pet that Gemini can have a stimulating conversation with, there are options for Gemini that will please them greatly when it comes to having an in home companion. Gemini is an animal lover and you will often see many Geminis with many pets in the home. These are usually of different kinds, as they feed their intellectual souls with energy from the animal world every day.

Geminis are definitely cat people and any cat for them will do. Geminis relate to cats because of their intelligence, and appreciate how a cat can instinctively understand when a Gemini needs lap time, or when they need alone time. Geminis often have many cats, to suit their multiple personalities. Gemini likes freedom, and so they like pets that embody this trait as well, making cats the perfect furry friend.

Gemini is intrigued by things that are exotic and different, and parrots are an ideal pet for Gemini for this reason. Parrots and Gemini are also ruled by the same element, Air. So this fast moving pet will interest Gemini and stimulate their need to be different. Parrots are very intelligent, and this will be one pet that Gemini can actually talk to. Gemini will have a lot of fun teaching their parrot tricks as well. Geminis like to be entertained and a parrot will certainly bring hours of entertainment to the world of Gemini.

Animals that can be taught to do tricks, or that are near the genetic code of the human species are also ideal for Gemini for the same reason that parrots are. This makes monkeys a favored animal for Gemini. You will often see Gemini beeline for the monkeys if you take them to the zoo. Gemini is the zodiac sign that is most fascinated by monkeys. If you see a Gemini with a monkey at home, this is a relationship where the Gemini eats, sleeps, and does almost everything with their monkey. If you are considering a monkey as a pet, be sure you do your research and have all of the documentation required to bring this lovely creature into your home.