A cat, dog, and bummy cuddling together. Libra is the Cardinal Air sign ruled by Venus, and as such, Libra loves all things beautiful and luxurious. Libra is the sign of partnerships, so it makes sense that most have pets because they love socialization and having companionship from all species on Earth. The best pet for Libra is one that will get along with everybody they bring into their circle. Smaller and low maintenance pets pair best with Libra than do larger, more extravagant pets.

Cats are great friends to Libra because they are very intelligent and one of the most psychic animals on Earth. Libra is a little psychic as well and cats will be great companions when the party is over and Libra still wants a warm body to snuggle with.

For Libra, it can't be just any cat. A pure breed such as a beautiful Russian Blue or the Maine Coon is the most ideal cat for Libra who always wants the best of the best.

Dogs are wonderful companions to Libra and Libra finds them useful for many reasons. Security for one thing at home when they are away, and a dog's loyalty will be rewarded by Libra. Again we have a zodiac sign that needs the best of them all, so a pure breed or a mixed breed that is on the high end is best for Libra.

Greyhounds are fast and intelligent and make Libra happy, as do family-oriented dogs such as Retrievers or Labradors. Some Libras prefer small animals in the purebred line, such as Shih Tzus. Their quick feet make Libras giggle and fill them with joy over the smallest thing.

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Birds of a feather do flock together, and birds are ruled by the air beneath their wings, just like Libra. Libra loves the uniqueness a bird companion brings, and will be more drawn to less common types, such as a cockatiel or parakeet. The more rare the bird, the better. A white dove is a peaceful bird that caters to Libra's harmonious side.

If you’re considering a rare bird as a pet, be sure to do your research and equip your home before you invest. Libra prefers vibrantly colored birds, unless the peace of a morning dove can be found.