Sagittarius is the Mutable Fire Sign of the zodiac, and also known as the wanderer. Typically Sagittarius is the least pet friendly of the zodiac signs for this very reason. Something that requires constant home care or walking is not going to do well with Sagittarius. Sag prefers something that can pretty much take care of themselves, if they choose to take in a pet at all. If you are a Sag and looking for a pet, you will best be served by something small. Conversely if you have resources to hire someone to take care of your pet when you are wandering the great world, finding one that suits your personality is a bit easier.

Because Sagittarius is hardly ever home, the best pet for Sag is a fish that can pretty much take care of itself outside of a once a day feeding. This is a very calming pet for Sagittarius as well, and if you go this way, you want an aquarium that has an ever present water flow that will soothe you when the nights are quiet. Sagittarius also is intrigued by the exotic. As such a gold fish simply won't do. A fish from a far away land will excite Sagittarius because it feeds their big picture nature, and also doesn't require much care.

Generally speaking Fire Signs prefer fast moving pets, but not Sagittarius who is hardly ever home. This makes a turtle another excellent pet for Sagittarius, as this is a relatively low maintenance and quiet animal that won't disrupt the Sagittarius lifestyle. Turtles are also good omens for Sagittarius, who is naturally philosophical. Sagittarius will appreciate the slowed pace and perspective that turtle energy will bring into the home. Sagittarius would be well served by creating a fenced in section of their yard for their turtle, or investing in an aquarium that their turtle can enjoy. Freedom is important to Sagittarius as well, and having a turtle for a pet will not compromise that at all for Sag.

For the Sagittarius that is a bit of a home body or does not do much traveling, cats are an excellent choice. Sagittarius doesn't generally do well with kittens however, and is better served adopting older cats that are more relaxed and set in their ways. Sagittarius is philosophical enough to appreciate the psychic energy that cats will bring into their home. But an older cat from a shelter is best for Sagittarius, who has no time or patience to train a kitten in the way they should go.