A cat, dog, and bummy cuddling together. Dependable Taurus, the easy-going Fixed Earth sign who always seems to have their feet on solid ground. This zodiac sign can also be stubborn on occasion, and even accused of being lazy. Thus, mellow animals make the perfect pets for Taurus. Sensual Taurus also likes things that feel great, so a soft and furry friend that will trigger their tactile sensitivity will do wonders for the sign of the Bull.

Cats are a great choice for Taurus because they don't like to take on a lot of maintenance when it comes to their animals - unless they’re able to bring them into their beloved garden. Taurus loves a good cat lap session on lazy winter nights, or in the summer after coming in from the fresh air. The warm and fuzzy faces of kittens and cats will always tickle a Taurus’ fancy, and make them feel at home no matter where they are.

Rabbits are a bit more wild than your traditional domestic animal. When they are tame though, they make an ideal pet for Taurus. Rabbits require a lot of maintenance, something bulls aren’t a fan of, but Taurus likes to have Mother Earth companions around them when in the garden, at home, or just enjoying a drink on the patio. A rabbit cage can be moved around to Taurus’ liking, and makes an ideal friend for bulls, particularly in the warmer seasons.

Dogs are great and faithful companions to Taurus who heavily values loyalty. A dog for Taurus will be their best friend for life - they get along so well that many bulls love their dogs more than their own family. Middle sized dogs as opposed to smaller or over sized breeds are ideal for Taurus. Taurus loves their canines but they don’t like to be overwhelmed. An easy going dog from a shelter is where Taurus usually finds their fur-ever friend who can hang out in the backyard during flowering season!