A complete interpretation of palmistry is divided into several different sections.

  • Overall shape of the hand
  • The length and shape of the fingers
  • The lines on the palm
  • The whorls at the fingertips
  • The fleshy part at the base of the fingers
  • The dip in the middle of the palm
  • The length and shape of the thumb,
  • And the lines around the wrist

These all tell a tale—and to get the full story, both palms need to be examined.

When you think of a palm reading, you probably think of having the lines on your hand interpreted, and you’d be right, but that’s not the whole picture. The lines do reveal a lot, though. There are four main lines to look at:

  • The head line
  • The heart line
  • The life line
  • And the fate line

Not everyone has a fate line (and no, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a destiny). These lines can have other lines connected to them or braided through them. The way that these lines present themselves reveal a lot about your personality and events in your life.

The fingers of the hand are given names of the planets:

  • The little or pinky finger is Mercury,
  • The ring finger is the Sun
  • The middle finger is Saturn
  • The index finger is Jupiter.

It’s easy to see the astrological associations there! The fleshy bumps under the fingers are given the same correlations. The bump under the pinky finger is the Mount of Mercury, the one under the ring finger is the Mount of the Sun (and this mount and finger are sometimes referred to as Apollo, rather than the Sun), and so forth.

The thumb is treated rather differently. It’s not interpreted with the rest of the fingers but it is given it’s own set of characteristics and meanings. It is not associated with a planet, although the big fleshy part of your hand where the thumb joins it before going into your wrist is called the Mount of Venus. The big fleshy part opposite that is called the Mount of the Moon. The dip in the middle of your palm is referred to as the Plane of Mars. This also has two smaller areas; Upper Mars is to the left of the Mount of Mercury, and Lower Mars is between the index finger and the thumb.

Palmistry is both an intricate and a fascinating study. Like so many divination tools, it’s something that is easy to pick up. All you need is a palmistry guide, and a pair of hands! The more you learn and practice reading people’s hands, the more nuances you’ll discover, and the more fascinating the art of chiromancy becomes.

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