Astrology Quick Facts:


Ruler of: Luck, Growth, & Wisdom

Named for: The Roman King of the Gods (Greeks referred to as Zeus)

Sign of Dignity: Sagittarius & Pisces

Sign of Detriment: Gemini

Sign of Exaltation: Cancer

Sign of Fall: Capricorn

Physical Body: Liver, fat, adrenals, thighs, feet, sciatic nerves

Changes Sign: Every 12-13 months

Astronomy Quick Facts:

Type: Jovian - Gas Giant

Length of Day: 10 Earth hours

Length of Year: 11.8 Earth years (=1 Jovian year)

Moons: 53 Confirmed, 14 Provisional

Temperature: -145°C (-234°F)

Colour: The clouds make the planet look like it has red, brown, yellow, and white stripes.

Size: 139,822 km in diameter (11x larger than Earth)

Spins: Counter-clockwise

Rings: 4 faint rings (only discovered in 1979!)

Year Discovered: Known by the Ancients

About Jupiter


Jupiter has some big shoes to fill when it comes to his namesake, the Roman King of the Gods, better known to most by his name in Greek mythology, Zeus. And, as the biggest planet in our solar system (twice as large as all the planets, combined), Jupiter is the perfect fit for those shoes.

You might think a gas giant with essentially no surface area wouldn’t have much going on, but you’d be wrong. For one, Jupiter’s 4 huge moons (and many other smaller ones) makes up what looks like a small solar system in itself. One of these moons, Europa, is thought to be a likely host for life. And, in proper kingly fashion, Jupiter is adorned with a series of anywhere between 6 and 9 spinning storms, arranged in such a way that its earned the nickname of Jupiter’s String of Pearls. The Great Red Spot, Jupiter’s famous storm, is twice Earth’s size and has been raging on for over 300 years now.

As the largest planet, Jupiter is fittingly known as the planet of abundance, luck, and expansion. Basically, anything to do with growth and prosperity is his terrain. The placement of Jupiter in the natal chart determines the ways an individual will experience growth, expansion, and luck, and in what particular areas of life. In other words, Jupiter points to our natural talents and abilities. Jupiter is telling of one’s tendencies towards travel and higher learning. He also indicates one’s willingness to take risks and other grand actions in pursuit of something more, whatever that something may be.

  • Fire sign Jupiters find expansion and luck in challenges, leadership roles, responsibility, and intellect.
  • Air sign Jupiters find expansion and luck in learning new things, pleasure, social situations, and helping others.
  • Earth sign Jupiters find expansion and luck in bending the rules, accumulating possessions, being productive (mentally), and living comfortably.
  • Water sign Jupiters find expansion and luck in their nurturing relationships, possessing knowledge, and using their artistic creativity and imagination.

Similar to the ones we can see in the northern hemisphere of our world, Jupiter creates its own constant auroras that have more energy and are much larger than the auroras on Earth. Take inspiration from this! Jupiter is the one to watch when you’re working on manifestation. Because he is so far away from the Sun and therefore takes much longer (just over 1 Earth year) to complete a rotation around the Sun, most professional astrologers look to the aspects of Jupiter and how he interacts with what surrounds him at the time to determine how luck and manifestation will flow. As a rule of thumb, though, you’re likely to experience your luckiest times when Jupiter is in a sign of the same element as in your natal chart. For example, if your Jupiter is in Libra, you’ll probably find yourself luckiest when Jupiter hangs out in any of the Air signs.

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