How Cancer Are You?

How Cancer Are You?

How Cancer are you really? Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign known for its sensitive, imaginative, and protective nature. People with Cancer in their charts often have a powerful intuition and a strong sense of nurture within them.

Represented by the crab, this sign relishes in taking care of others and creating a warm and pleasant environment for themselves and those they care for. At the same time, Cancer is easily hurt and quick to be on the defense when feelings have been wounded; watch out for those pincers!

This Cancer personality quiz will tell you just how Cancer you really are. Maybe your Sun sign is Cancer, but you don’t feel you identify with Cancer? Perhaps you have Cancer swimming around in your chart, which explains your acute sensitivity? Cancer traits are qualities admired by many, yet Cancer is among some of the most humble people of all, often not recognizing the true greatness within them. This Cancer astrology quiz helps you to understand the Cancer within you and how prominent it is.

"What type of Cancer zodiac sign am I?” may be a question you’ve asked yourself. Some Cancers are outgoing, and others are introverted. Some are homebodies who like nothing more than putting their slippers on and sipping hot cocoa, while others are party animals.

This Cancer zodiac quiz helps you find the true Cancer within, so don’t wait! Take the Cancer quiz and find out!