How Leo Are You?

How Leo Are You?

What do we know about the Fixed Fire sign, Leo?

Besides knowing they are loyal, dramatic, protective, confident, and have a love of all things luxurious, they can also be big-hearted and look on the sunny side! However, like all signs, they have their dark side. They can be stubborn to a fault (a bit like their fellow Fixed sign, Taurus), arrogant, jealous, possessive, and pompous, too.

But it's hard not to love these lovable Leos–they really would go to the ends of the earth to make you happy. What's more, if you can put up with their sulks and dramatic displays of emotion now and then, you'll be treated to a warm-hearted, loving Leo that would do anything for you and ensure you want for nothing!

Now, if you are a Leo, you're probably wondering, "What type of Leo am I?"

There are, of course, many different types of Leo. There is the Leo Sun, Moon, and Rising, but Leo can show up in other areas of the chart too. You might be very Leo or just a little Leo, but these Leo zodiac questions will help you determine which you are! A Leo personality quiz is always helpful in getting to know your feisty lion side a little better.

Leo traits are not always apparently obvious, but there may be a roaring lion lurking around inside you, waiting to get out. So don't delay–take the Leo astrology quiz now and find out!