How Taurus Are You?

How Taurus Are You?

If you've ever wondered how Taurus you are, then look no further than this Taurus personality quiz!

A Fixed Earth sign, Taurus is one of the most steady, grounded, and reliable zodiac signs. Ruled by Venus, this sensual sign loves the finer things in life and delighting all five of their senses, whatever way possible. You may be a Taurus Sun, a Taurus Rising, a Taurus Moon, or perhaps there is a lot of Taurus in your chart somewhere. But how Taurus are you really?

This Taurus quiz asks you a series of questions that determines how much the bull is in you. Intelligent and hardworking, Taurus values material comfort and security a great deal. Still, one of the most important lessons for this sign is understanding how the material world merges with the spiritual world. This can present a series of challenges for Taurus throughout their lives, resulting in emotional upheavals that cause them to question their role and purpose.

This Taurus quiz can give you greater insight into your own Taurus-ness, allowing you to understand how much it impacts your life. One of the classic signs of Taurus is being set in their ways. Once put on a course, it's tough to sway these individuals.

Take the Taurus quiz and see just how much Taurus exists in you!