Taurus Woman: Personality, Love, and More

Astrology dice showing the symbols for Taurus woman on an astrology chart.

The Taurus woman is someone that people tend to remember for a lot of different reasons. She is kind, caring, sensitive and sweet, and everyone is drawn to people like this. It’s the little things that tend to matter for the Taurus female, as she’s constantly paying attention to how people are treating her and others. Thoughtfulness matters, as that’s a pillar of the Taurus woman’s characteristics, and that’s because she’s constantly thinking things through on several levels.

Whether you are a Taurus woman or you know one, you’ll soon come to understand what this memorable person is all about. We’re going to delve into the details of her personality, her likes, dislikes, desires and potential things to watch for as part of her sign. We hope you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the Taurus female as a result.

The Taurus Woman's Personality - A Brief Overview

The Taurus woman savors the finer things in life, but that doesn’t mean that she’s high-maintenance or expecting to be constantly spoiled. She appreciates a great meal, but will appreciate someone cooking it for her almost more than dining at a fancy restaurant. She desires a true emotional connection with the people in her life, as that’s what truly inspires her existence. She is loyal, loving, kind and giving of herself, and she’s always paying attention to what’s happening, as she’s extremely introspective and eager to understand the context of any situation.

The Taurus zodiac sign is governed by emotion. She is extremely logical and, in many ways, practical. She is also extremely responsible and will make logical choices when others may act in a rash or impetuous manner. While many of the Taurus woman’s characteristics speak to calm and kindness, you should also be warned that if you manage to draw her ire, the Taurus woman’s fire burns hot, and you’ll have no doubt that you’ve made her unhappy should things get to that stage. However, this is a person who generally appreciates others and will usually put their interests above her own.

The Taurus Woman's Approach to Dating and Relationships

If you’ve just met a Taurus woman and you’re starting to date, you’re most likely a lucky person. That’s because the Taurus female is kind, loyal, sensual and caring. She is a true romantic in every sense of the word, and she likes her romance to burn hot for as long as possible. In addition, she’s also extremely reliable. You won’t have to worry about her flaking on plans or constantly showing up late. When she sets her mind to something, she’s committed to it and will see it through to the fullest extent possible. If you’re hoping for a stable, loving and warm relationship, the Taurus woman’s characteristics will help you enjoy exactly that experience.

On the other side, though, you need to understand that the Taurus female can be a bit jealous at times. She won’t really like it if you’re one to keep in touch with old partners, even if you’re “just friends” at this point. She is totally committed to you, and she expects the same in return. She can also be stubborn. Taurus women and men think things through constantly, so once they decide on a position, they’re going to stick to it and they will be nearly impossible to persuade otherwise. If you’d like more information, take a look at our Zodiac love compatibility chart.

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The Taurus Female - Home and Family Life

If you’re going to marry or you’re already married to a Taurus woman, congratulations, as she is known to be an extremely loyal and loving spouse. She will work tirelessly to make sure that you’re as happy as possible, as that’s what gives her happiness. She’s also known as a great lover of food, so if that’s important to you, you’re in for regular treats. If romance is your thing, then you can expect that to continue well into the marriage, as this is not a person who’s going to lose interest in that deep connection on all levels.

In terms of things to potentially watch for, a Taurus woman may not like too much change in life, which obviously translates to a marriage. She will prefer to settle down in a home and live a constant, low-stress life. Much like dating a Taurus, however, a Taurus wife is someone who can become jealous, so steer clear of those casual contacts with people she sees as a threat. At her worst, the Taurus female can even become somewhat possessive. However, overall this is a woman who is going to have you appreciate who you married.

The Taurus Woman as a Friend - Loyalty and Honesty

A Taurus woman’s personality is generally one where she’s not going to have a huge circle of casual friends that changes all the time. Like the Taurus man, she’s more likely to make a handful of friends and hang onto them for life. She’s more interested in partnering with someone - even on a platonic level - for the long haul than making small talk with acquaintances every time she goes out somewhere. Given her deep knowledge of her close friends, the Taurus female is known for giving sage advice. That’s because she’s good at seeing things from others’ perspectives, and she’s spent a lot of time thinking about you if you’re a friend of hers.

In addition to all of the fantastic Taurus woman traits that make her a tremendous friend, she’s also extremely honest. While that’s a good thing from a broad perspective, there may be times when she can be so honest that it’s a bit uncomfortable. She wants and expects the best for you, so she’s not going to be afraid to tell you what you need to hear as opposed to what you may want to hear. Friends need to prod those they care about to do better from time to time, and the Taurus female won’t hesitate to do that. If you’re sensitive to constructive criticism, be prepared to have your feathers ruffled every now and then by your Taurus friend.

The Taurus Woman's Personality - Her Career Choices

Like nearly everyone else, the Taurus female is motivated to succeed in her career. However, she generally will want to do it in a certain way. This is not your proverbial “bull in a china shop” person who doesn’t care about who she hurts and what she says or does. Instead, she wants to succeed while feeling good about how she’s doing it. Taurus women tend to occupy all types of different occupations and professions, ranging from things like chefs to CEOs.

However, some feel that the Taurus woman can lack ambition. While that may seem harsh, it may also be due to the introspective and thoughtful nature consistent with the Taurus woman’s characteristics. She is going to think before she acts, and she’s going to be interested in building a career methodically and with a sound foundation instead of just climbing that ladder and worrying about the wake she leaves behind later. This can lead to some frustration in those who work with and live with the Taurus woman from time to time, but it’s most likely not going to change.

The Taurus Female and Fashion - Style Over Substance

A Taurus woman generally prefers to wear clothes that look good on her, and that will not go out of style quickly. She has that eye for those tasteful accoutrements that bring her outfits to the next level. She’s definitely one to remain with the times, but she’s not going to be all that concerned about being the first one to put some new style on and she’s definitely not looking to make any waves or break any norms. She’s always dressing properly and always looks like she put time into herself that day.

Overall, a Taurus woman is a caring, kind and loving person who wants to feel like she’s connected to the world around her, and that includes the people in her life. She may not be a social butterfly, but she’s loyal, intelligent, thoughtful and she will continue to stay with friends and loved ones through thick and thin. She enjoys experiences, but she also wants stability and comfort. She enjoys the finer things in life, but is not one to go overboard. If you’re a Taurus female and you’d like to keep up with yourself, check your Taurus horoscope regularly.