Everything You Need to Know About This Pluto Retrograde

Posted on April 20, 2018

Pluto’s retrograde in 2018 is April 22 to September 30. Pluto is a planet known to handle transformation and its retrograde is in the sign of Capricorn, a hardworking, grounded sign that focuses on long-term goals and finances. What can we expect during this retrograde?

History says it’s going to be a really life changing time for the better, even if it may not seem that way. Pluto is about power, as well as our subconscious mind. We are going within to see what thought patterns have carved pathways in our brains that are not helping us.

Maybe we are operating from fear when we want to operate from trust. It’s things like this we’ll be able to see more clearly and we’ll also be able to see how those thoughts are affecting the way we interact with others. This is a valuable time to get real with ourselves because it will be easier to clear our bad habits.

You may notice people talking about these themes more during this time but chances are it’s more of an internal awareness that is subtle yet present. Be aware that the April 30 full moon is in the deep, watery sign of Scorpio which Pluto rules, so it may feel more intense during retrograde but again, this is actually very helpful and life changing.

Let’s get to know Pluto retrograde a little bit more so you can get a heads up on what to expect and how to use it to benefit you. It doesn’t matter if the scientific community considers this a planet or not, its effects are the same either way. Ready to see into your future? Let’s dive in!

The Nature of Transformation

We may feel like we have a blindfold on during this period, but it’s rearranging things for us so we can see the world differently. The confusion is because the movie we are used to watching is being switched out for the upgraded version with better operating speed, higher quality special effects and higher pixellation.

What I mean is that we are undergoing a metamorphosis of who we are and how we operate in the world. We are shedding a layer to bloom into a new level of consciousness, almost like a little death.

Now don’t get in bed and pull the covers up over your head waiting until September 30. There is nothing to be afraid of! You can go about your normal life and notice the way your mind is behaving. If you feel like you’re changing, you are.

You may finally get clear on what you want, how you want to go about getting it and what’s no longer working in your set of priorities. You’ll probably be able to strategize, but hey, change is the great unknown and we can be shy to make it happen.

If you feel like you’re taking a leap of faith, remember you’ve done this before and even though you can’t really see where it’s leading you, your true north is now beaming messages to you on the best direction and how to organize your psyche to get there.

The true last frontier, the deep subconscious is what we are transforming, so we may feel like we are learning how to walk again or like our head is being worked on because it most certainly is.

The Capricorn Influence

The sun will be moving through Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo, which I bring up because we will be affected by the whole of the planetary movements and not solely Pluto retrograde. The fact that this retrograde is in an earth sign means we will be seeing our relationship to money, work and reworking our core values or beliefs in these areas.

Maybe you felt you were unworthy, you didn’t have a plan, or you didn’t have a budget. This will be revealing for you so you can shake off the cobwebs and burst forward into the new you.

Capricorn is known to be good with money, loyal, very hardworking and slow to open up to new people. Our attitudes towards business are often created at a certain time in our life and now we can see if those biases are working for us or if we need to evolve and see the value of certain tasks in a new light in order to get to the long term vision we want to manifest.

This is deep soul work in a practical part of our lives. Maybe we have been closing ourselves off to opportunity because we felt like we were not good enough, not smart enough, not wealthy enough or not resourceful enough. You can overcome a lot now just by healing the relationship dynamic between your soul and your work.

One question we will be asking ourselves in order to get through the blocks of the unconscious mind is ‘What fear is holding me back from fulfilling my soul’s purpose?’

Maybe we have surrounded ourselves with routines or people that keep us in our comfort zone instead of opening up to the support from the universe that comes when we follow our soul’s calling.


Saturn will be retrograde April 17 until September 6 almost at the same time as Pluto. You can read more about this direct influence in your life on Astrology King. This Saturn retrograde is also in the sign of Capricorn pushing us forward in work.

It’s called the great teacher and it will be in the planet it rules which will help us in our business endeavors. We also come out of Mercury retrograde as Pluto retrograde begins, so we can continue the transformation of our core self.

This is good timing after dealing with our past during the more challenging reckoning we undergo with Mercury retrograde’s influence, which people are intimidated by more often than not.

Astrology is not something to make us fearful, it’s an empowering tool to help us foresee the emotional climate, the best time to make changes and the areas of our lives that are ripe for change. Watch as you undergo a massive shift during this Pluto retrograde and be supportive of your friends as well by letting them know what is at hand in the ethers.

It’s a very real effect that can help us grow into the best versions of ourselves. If you’d like to find out how this Pluto retrograde will affect your sign, check out this cool article on Bustle.

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