taurus Zodiac Sign


Time Period: April 21 – May 20

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Venus

Quality: Fixed

Symbol: Bull

Lucky Color: Green

Lucky Flower: Daisy

Phrase: “I have…”

Birthstones: Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Garnet, Rose Quartz

Taurus Eminent Personalities: Queen Elizabeth, George Clooney, William Shakespeare, Mark Zuckerburg

About Taurus

Like the bull that is its symbol, Taurus is a very solid sign. Being one who enjoys creature comforts, you are capable of finding joy and contentment in very physical ways. If they had a category for “least likely to burn out” in the school yearbook, your picture would have been there. You are body-aware and respect your physical limits. Even as far as food is concerned, your body has a way of letting you know what you want and what you don‟t. You don‟t tend to run headlong into things, you have tremendous staying power, and tend to style yourself around what endures, rather than the latest fad.

Due to this power of endurance, you are always ready to go the distance. Sure and steady, you are often called upon to finish what others start. Your solidity extends into your values and sense of purpose: you are not the type to be easily talked into changing your mind about things you accept as principles in life. Chances are that the way you live now works for you for the most part. Overall, you tend to be pretty secure about who you are and what you are doing.

Taurus, being a fixed sign, is not constantly seeking more intense excitement or greater novelty. No, you are happy to enjoy the comforts of the home you work so hard to maintain. Seemingly tireless, work is both a source of pleasure to you and a way to provide yourself with other pleasures. Venus is the planet of Taurus, which makes perfect sense in terms of the love of beauty, the sensual nature, and the love of the natural world.

Venus is also the great peacemaker of the Zodiac. The Moon is exalted in your sign, which is why you hold home and family on such a high pedestal. Amateur astrologers may tell you that Taurus is the most materialistic of all the signs, but that is a matter of perspective. I personally know many very spiritual Taureans who avoid gathering possessions and remain at peace in their universe. Whatever path the Taurus may choose they remain committed to it; this is true of relationships as well. Once you‟re convinced you‟ve got a good partner you‟re all in. Taurus embodies the very soul of conviction.

Sometimes you can get so focused on an idea, or involved in a process, that it‟s nearly impossible to get you off track—even if you‟re on the wrong track. This stubbornness is a reflection of your conviction, so it is more philosophical than material. It‟s not too difficult to give up a food that you find to be unhealthy, but giving up trust in a person or idea that you‟ve stood by is nearly impossible. Taurus, you may exhibit lack of flexibility at times. This is especially true when circumstances try to yank you out of your carefully built comfort zone. In the process of developing the more material aspects of life, you manage to externalize this comfort zone in the form of home, family, credentials, and other physical things. The theme of preservation runs through many of your activities, and this may be why so many Taurean folks are so good at money management.

Another thing that Taurus manages well is memory. You know what it‟s like when birthdays, holidays, anniversaries (even the small ones) and other key dates are forgotten by friends and partners and you do your part to avoid those feelings. In some parts of Asia where the Zodiac of twelve signs is used, an Elephant actually replaces the Bull for this very reason. The big advantage in this natural ability is that lessons are learned early and easily. You rarely will make the same mistake twice nor move forward on the basis of a promise. It‟s not likely that you believe that there has been a promise since the beginning that was anything more than talk, and talk is not what creates security and comfort. In other words, without reliable proof of benefit, you will simply not be pushed into doing anything you don‟t want to do.

There are a few misconceptions about the sign Taurus floating around in popular astrology books that need to be addressed. The first is that Taureans tend to be overweight. Actually, you will find that despite the sensual love of food that you have, you actually need to either make an effort to pack on the pounds or simply not pay attention to your health. Because food is a sensual part of your life, you tend to be very mindful of your eating. Taureans are also said to be stubborn, but again this is really unfair, and probably concocted by people who do not hold firm to their convictions. Lastly, another myth is that Taureans are lazy. This is not the case at all; wasting energy is just not your style. You work with an efficiency that gets things done and done well with the least amount of effort and energy expended.

Emotional Flexibility

Taureans are emotional people. An offhand comment or criticism can easily leave you upset, causing you to drag your feet if asked to do something you don’t want to do, or even if you don’t like the person who asked you to do it. Don’t be surprised if people misread this reaction as laziness — you just don’t like to take orders. However, if you respect the person making the request, or if it’s something in which you take an interest, you can quickly change your behavior. This may make your friends and coworkers see you as unpredictable, but really you just need some time warming up.

Straying from your routine can make you quite nervous or even insecure. You’re not one to go leaping into the unknown; you appreciate routine and order too much for that. You’ve also likely learned how to hide your insecurities well. It’s hard for you to put your feelings into words, and because of this your true feelings are often unrevealed.


You’ve certainly got a good work ethic built on reliability and persistence. Taureans often find success in figures and finance, but keep that emotional side in check. The symbol of Taurus is the headstrong, powerful bull, but it’s important to keep ownership over your own emotions and reactions. Try to spread out the places in your life where change is needed, and to choose your battles wisely. Not every task needs your level of determination, and not everyone deserves your loyalty.

Love & Relationships

While you’re a very loyal friend, it’s likely that you have plenty of acquaintances and only a few close friends. Those you do hold dear are protected and highly valued. You treat your friends like beloved family. You are incredibly loyal, and can be counted on to be there for your loved ones. Taureans also have a flair for entertaining. While you may not be particularly social, you do like to spoil the special people in your life. You’re also quite fond of treating yourself to the finer things (and guilty pleasures).


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Element - Earth Sign

Astrology can reveal a lot, but there’s much more to it than what Sun sign you are. At the very heart of astrology—and of tarot, palmistry, sacred geometry, even ceremonies, and rituals—are the four elements.These are Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. If you think about it, we need these four elements—all of them—in order to survive on the planet. We heat and cook and purge with fire. We grow things in the Earth; it is the foundation of our existence, and we return to it when our life has ended.

We need water to survive; it grows the plants of the earth and quenches our thirst; our bodies are approximately 60% water, and the Earth itself is approximately 70% water. We need air to breathe. Even our words are given life by our breath when we speak them out loud.

So, you can see, the elements are very important indeed!If you were born a Taurus, a Virgo, or a Capricorn, then you were born an earth sign.

See if you recognize yourself in these points.

  • You’re gregarious grounded and usually dependable.
  • You’re practical and ‘down to earth.’
  • You err on the side of caution.
  • You enjoy creating, whether it is making a comfortable home, or doing a good job.
  • You like material goods and creature comforts.
  • You feel a strong sense of duty.
  • You take your responsibilities seriously.
  • You tend to be conservative in your approach to life.
  • You appreciate good food and pleasant surroundings.
  • You’re usually logical and reasonable.
  • You may be too focused on your possessions.
  • You sometimes forget to consider the feelings of others.
  • You tend to be goal oriented, rather than enjoying the path to reaching that goal.

Of course, not all earth signs are going to behave the same. Even two different Capricorns can be very different from each other, because of the way that the rest of their planets fall. Remember, the Sun sign is only one part of astrology! There’s so much more to discover.

The Quadruplicities

Even though all earth signs are going to be very similar, there’s a lot of difference between them. This is because of the triplicities, or the qualities of those signs. Just like there are four elements ­­Fire, Earth, Air, Water ­­there are three triplicities. These are Cardinal, Mutable, and Fixed.

Here are the qualities of the Fixed quadruplicity. This quality is cautious. Just as it sounds, the fixed quadruplicity is the ‘but we’ve always done it this way’ energy of the zodiac. Perhaps this sounds more like you?

  • You don’t handle change well.
  • You like to stay in the background.
  • You’re not particularly thrilled about new ideas.
  • You can be quite tenacious or stubborn.
  • You want others to agree with you.
  • You bring responsibility to teamwork and keep everyone under control.
  • You want things done your way.
  • You’re not a risk taker.
  • You take responsibility very seriously.

Earth Element - Taurus

If you’re a Taurus, you’re probably quite resilient, like the animal of your Zodiac sign. People may find you reserved, but when you get to know someone, you open up to them. When you’re comfortable with someone, you can be a very good conversationalist. You just have to be interested in your subject matter.

You’re quite tenacious, sometimes to the point of stubbornness. Once you’ve made up your mind, very little will changes it. You’re usually pretty easygoing, but if someone pushes you, you’re going to push back. The more they push you, the more likely you are to explode. You don’t let your temper show often, but when you do, it’s quite a spectacle, and it can take you awhile to cool off, too.

You’re attracted to others sexually and sensually, but you may find it hard to make that first move. You prefer people find you, rather than you having to go out to find them. Make sure you’re not just being lazy­­you have to be proactive to get what you want from romance. You’re not one to be pushy, but when someone needs you to be there, you can be quite dependable, knowing just what to do to help fix things.

You’re not naturally a worrier, but you can brood a bit. You’re stable and solid, and you don’t hurry yourself into any decisions. You’re not comfortable with change, especially when it comes to your home and loved ones. You’re patient to the point of exasperation at times, and you bear

responsibility as well as you bear the scars of heartache and physical endurance. Others can count on you in a time of crisis, and you’ll usually be able to find a way forward. You’re very loyal to those who matter to you.

You live your life by what it has to offer you. You enjoy indulging in good food, good music, and other creativity and art. You’ve also got a very earthy humor, enjoying vaudeville and traditional humor rather than the modern take on things. You’re very kind, quite frugal, and seem to have a knack of drawing money or wealth to you. Sensible and pragmatic, if you do build your ‘castles in the air,’ you understand that you have to work hard to put the foundations under them if they’re going to manifest in your life.

Here is a list of some of your more prominent qualities.

  • You have both physical and emotional strength.
  • You’re naturally reserved.
  • You’re a good conversationalist when the subject matter interests you.
  • You’re solid and dependable.
  • You’re usually easygoing.
  • You’re slow to anger.
  • You’re always there for your friends and loved ones.
  • You’re not prone to a lot of worries.
  • You make decisions carefully and deliberately.
  • You’re enduring when it comes to carrying burdens, physical or emotional.
  • You’re patient.
  • You can be depended on in a crisis.
  • You enjoy the finer things that life has to offer.
  • You appreciate good food and good music.
  • You have a traditional sense of humor.
  • You’re never intentionally unkind.
  • Money finds its way to you.

Of course, like anyone else, you’ve got your faults, and while they may be few, they can be ugly when they raise their heads.

  • You won’t be rushed into decisions.
  • You’re stubborn when backed into a corner.
  • You can have quite the temper when pushed.
  • You can hold grudges.
  • You’re very stubborn.
  • You won’t tolerate waste.
  • You can have a lazy streak.

The Taurus Man

  • Taurus men are very calm.
  • Taurus men are usually very level­headed.
  • Taurus men will work hard to win your love.
  • Taurus men are romantic.
  • Taurus men are protective.
  • Taurus men like good music.
  • Taurus men will remember what you like and try to get it for you.
  • Taurus men make you feel secure.
  • Taurus men are stable.
  • Taurus men need to feel like they’re the king of their castles.
  • Taurus men are hardworking.
  • Taurus men are stubborn when pushed into a corner.
  • Taurus men are not overly demonstrative.
  • Taurus men rarely talk about their feelings.
  • Taurus men won’t be rushed.
  • Taurus men don’t like to take chances.
  • Taurus men don’t like brusque women.
  • Taurus men won’t be dominated.
  • Taurus men resent being contradicted.
  • Taurus men need apologies if they’re not going to resent you.
  • Taurus men are slow to anger but have a violent temper when pushed.
  • Taurus men don’t like people interfering in their lives.
  • Taurus men don’t like clingy partners.

The Taurus Woman

  • Taurus women are strong.
  • Taurus women can handle problems well.
  • Taurus women are not prone to outbursts.
  • Taurus women are sensual.
  • Taurus women have no desire to dominate others.
  • Taurus women know how to take control.
  • Taurus women are not social climbers.
  • Taurus women are loyal.
  • Taurus women have good taste.
  • Taurus women are simple yet elegant.
  • Taurus women enjoy nature.
  • Taurus women are down to earth.
  • Taurus women rarely complain.
  • Taurus women are good hostesses.
  • Taurus women are nurturing.
  • Taurus women hate deceit and deception.
  • Taurus women are prone to jealous.
  • Taurus women can have a ferocious temper.
  • Taurus women dislike ugliness.
  • Taurus women can be tomboys.
  • Taurus women cannot stand insubordination.

The Taurus Child

  • Taurus children are strong willed.
  • Taurus children want lots of affection.
  • Taurus children are quick to hug and show devotion.
  • Taurus children are capable.
  • Taurus children are comfortable with other children.
  • Taurus children are not prone to temper tantrums.
  • Taurus children are predictable.
  • Taurus children seem mature for their age.
  • Taurus children are usually polite.
  • Taurus children are reasonable.
  • Tarts and are creative.
  • Taurus children have a good memory.
  • Taurus children work hard for success.
  • Taurus children are stubborn.
  • Taurus children know how to charm others to get what they want.
  • Taurus children will not be persuaded to do things they don’t care to do.
  • Taurus children can be a bit hesitant and negative at times.
  • Taurus children do not like to be the center of attention.

As a Taurus, the key to your success is to learn how to highlight your strengths, and discipline what may be less than desireable. Of course, there’s a time and a place for everything. Even what can be perceived as a negative quality can be turned to an advantage with the right approach.

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