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The aquarius zodiac sign symbol on a starry background. Career compatibility symbol. The aquarius zodiac sign symbol on a starry background.

ABOUT aquarius

You’re inventive, creative, and a humanitarian with ideas that can make the whole world a better place, not to mention your work place! With your amazingly inventive personality, it’s easy to see that you can be brilliant in a workplace that allows you to stretch your wings and creative side. You have the eye and foresight, however, it can be difficult to find your starting point. Some great Aquarian careers are shown to be anything technology related, with inventing and science holding a particular energy for you too. Some specific Aquarian related jobs are seen in academics, travel to include working on an airline, consultant, entrepreneur, self employment, guides, inventor, politics where you can help others, writer(specifically science fiction), and technologist.

Aquarius to Aquarius


Fun, exciting, and inventive you are sure to be double the influence and pleasure with your exact energy pairing with you to be sure that you get the job done. There are challenges that can arise if you aren't feeling appreciated enough for your amazing ideas, and feel like you're getting enough credit for your ideas. Be sure to keep the balance by encouraging your co-worker and compliment when a job is well done.


Your boss, while inventive and creative himself, will count on your input and inventiveness to help provide the workplace with new and fresh ideas. This is somewhere you can shine as you won't have the responsibility and stress of being boss, and can really be Johnny-on-the-Spot in your ideas.