aquarius Zodiac Sign


Time Period: January 22 – February 18

Symbol: Water-Bearer

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Quality: Fixed

Ruling House: 11th

Polarity: Positive

Birthstones: Amethyst, Garnet, Hematite, Amber

Key Traits: Rebellious, Objective, Progressive

Power Colour: Blue, Turquoise

Flower: Orchid

Eminent Personalities: Michael Jordan, Bob Marley, Cristiano Ronaldo, Oprah Winfrey

As the Fixed Air Sign that is ruled by Uranus, your two best traits are that you are a highly intellectual thinker that is fixed and loyal to your goals, and they are usually outside of the conventional box. You need independence to feel happy and successful, and you also are the inventor and innovator of the zodiac. If you feel restricted, or like you are being sent into a “normal” box, you freak out. You would rather let your freak flag fly, in a balanced and centered way, and when you do, you succeed in whatever area of your life you choose. You are the person at the party that doesn’t say much, but when you do, it’s often in about 4 different languages. You never do anything like others do, and that is your best selling quality.

Love & Relationships

As a Fixed Sign, you are naturally committed and loyal to just about anything or anyone that you love. However you are a bit of a freedom fighter, and this could cause problems in love. You don’t like to be tied down, so in order for you to feel free in relationships, you just need to communicate that to the one your affections are Fixed on. Although you think first and feel later, you are anything but unkind. You believe in the great wide world, and want everyone, including your partner, to embrace it in all of its forms. You are the one that makes people smile with the weirdest and most intelligent jokes. You have a way of making others around you feel smarter, and this is very attractive. This is because you see things in people that others don’t, and that is due to your need to see things outside the box. When you embrace the unconventional and higher thinking sides of others, your love life is exactly where you want it to be. Fun and interesting is your middle name, and also that of your primary partnerships. But someone looking for a lovey dovey type won’t find it in you. It’s not that you don’t have feelings. You just don’t see the point in focusing on them, all of the time. Life is too intellectual for that for you.

Inner Genius

As the Fixed Air Sign, your intellectual side is very strong, almost unparalleled in the zodiac. Being ruled by Uranus, you use that intelligence to cater to your inner genius. You have a bit of a rebellious side thanks to Uranus, but you prefer to use it for that next great idea, over using it for evil. As a Fixed Sign you are a bit stubborn, sometimes to a fault, but that’s only because once you set your mind on that genius idea, nothing can stop you. Your ideas and opinions are usually radical, and thus, shocking. But that’s usually because the “normal” thinkers around you just haven’t even considered your ingenious ideas. You observe more than you talk, and your emotions aren’t important to you. That’s because being a genius isn’t something to be emotional about, it’s something to do. Which you do very well.


Being an Air Sign means that jobs that require paperwork and/or higher level thinking are the jobs that are best suited for you. Being ruled by Uranus, you also need to have something different every day, and are not likely to succeed being caged in a cubicle. You are the kind that can make great success freelancing over your latest great idea, but the world at large is very important to you, and you think about it a lot. Politics, counseling, environmental issues; they may all call you to immerse yourself fully and unconditionally. A true visionary, you don’t flinch at deviating from the norm, and you are always willing to take those who share your goals along with you.

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