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The taurus zodiac sign symbol on a starry background. Career compatibility symbol. The taurus zodiac sign symbol on a starry background.

ABOUT taurus

As a Taurus your biggest strength is seen in your gentle determination and willpower to succeed, while being stable and dependable for any work situation. With your earthy and grounded energy, you can expect that your career will benefit and even find favor in your passion and artistic senses. There is no rush while you take your precious time in reaching for success and you can find much supportive energy in several careers. Look into exploring anything that concerns art, like decorating, clothing design, and singing. Financial jobs are supported too, and you may find luck in such careers as banking or business, real estate, or merchandising.

Taurus to Taurus


You can expect working with another Taurus to be a great combination of someone appreciating your values and work ethic. Together, expect to get things done right, and in a way that you understand fully.


Your Taurian boss will appreciate your dependability and consistent work, and will see you as someone worth helping to progress and advance in your career.