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For the Month of: June 2021

June - “June 2021 should be uneventful,” said no one EVER. No worries, however, dear Aries, you usually take change in strides. When Venus, the planet of pleasure and harmony, enters into Cancer on the 2nd, you may have already been feeling the emotional shifts days before — particularly in the area of home, family, and childhood memories. Cancer rules your fourth house, which represents such matters, so I feel you might be feeling a bit more emotional than usual. Plan an evening while Venus is in this sector of your chart to show gratitude for the family you have or choose to have, and maybe, buy that nice pillow sham you’ve been holding in your shopping cart. 

Remember, though, that not all emotions are soft. Take note that your ruling planet Mars is also housed in Cancer at the moment. Therefore, when it comes to matters of the heart and especially in family dynamics, look before you leap (or speak), especially this month (or until Mars enters Leo on June 11th) because it’s going to be that much easier to act on those impulse emotions which you may regret later. 

Uranus has been hanging out in your house of money since the earlier part of 2019. You may have felt the effects of this shifting planet in matters of finance since then, but also, perhaps you haven’t. Uranus, after all, is a generational planet and affects society more than one might feel on a personal level. That being said, this year, Uranus is squaring Saturn three times, with the first square having happened in February. Well, get ready because we’re coming up on the second scene of this story on June 14th. 

Saturn is the planet of boundaries, and Uranus is the planet of sudden change. You can probably imagine that when these two interact that there is tension — to say the least, but when they square, the dance is even more dramatic.  

How does this apply to you at this time? Saturn is in your eleventh house of friends, charity, society, and colleagues, and remember that Uranus is in the sector of income and money. Maybe you have had some push and pull between these two topics over the past five months? Think back to February. Did anything come up then regarding either of these topics? Is there something still unsolved or an elephant in the room that hasn’t been spoken of yet? Nothing to be afraid of but something to pay attention to.

With matters of money closely associated with career at this time especially being that Saturn is in such a public-facing house, but let’s shift gears and talk about Mercury, shall we? Mercury entered retrograde right before the start of June on May 29th. Mercury retrograde is an important opportunity to do some revising and revisiting of the past.

Mercury rules communication and is stationed in your house of communication, so it is important to be more present in how you are communicating and also to be flexible. Mercury retrogrades can challenge us to get resourceful. There may be delays with video meetings, some meetings may be canceled, and if you have any short distance traveled planned, best to pack the extra underwear and book in case there are any delays. Then on the 22nd, Mercury goes direct, and while things won’t pick up immediately, you may begin to feel the shift in energies. Still, the recommendation would be to not engage in a political debate on social media, however.

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