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For the Month of: January 2022

January - You gained a newfound sense of freedom and self-expression in 2021. Now, 2022 calls you to connect with your intuition, reexamine your lifestyle, release any burdens, and take care of yourself. The Sun is currently 90 degrees from your Solar Return, and it’s an excellent time to take practical steps toward reaching goals. 

The New Moon in Capricorn on January 2nd may generate tension and conflict in your work life and goals. However, New Moons are celestial occurrences and opportunities to wipe the slate clean and set intentions for the upcoming cycle. Any tension that arises is a chance for growth. Aries Risings, the New Moon will transit through your 10th whole house of career, long-term goals, and public recognition. Thus, your professional life takes center stage, proving to be an excellent time to plant seeds for your birthday.  There may be a shift in careers or possible promotions.

Mercury, the planet of communication, logic, and reason, enters Aquarius shortly after the New Moon. Your mind is alert more than ever and pumping with ideas when Mercury travels through Aquarius. Expect to find yourself revisiting childhood dreams to reconnect and redefine them. Mercury stations retrograde on the 14th, and you may find yourself reexamining friendships and social circles. Surround yourself with people that motivate and support your vision. Avoid frustration with delays and setbacks. It would also be a great time to back up any important documents or work.

Around the same time, Mars, your ruling planet of aggression, fire, drive, and impulse, clashes with Neptune in Pisces. If you feel confused or discouraged recalling past hurts or deception, take time out for self-care, meditation, and exploring higher ideals to work through anger or frustration. Clear through any doubts and cloudy haze of confusion with patience.

The Full Moon in Cancer on the 17th may cause an emotional disturbance in your home life. Full Moons serve as magical midpoints and climax of the lunar cycle. The natural square between you and fellow Cardinal Sign Cancer suggests a struggle for comfort and security. Aries Risings, the Full Moon will transit through your 4th whole house of home, environment, and emotions, putting a great emphasis on childhood and family matters. Ancestry and researching parts of your family may be of interest.

On Tuesday the 18th, Uranus, the planet of sudden change, stations direct after five months of journeying retrograde in Taurus. You'll find a better approach to assess any looming financial or relationship issues. Uranus provides a sudden breakthrough and ah-ha moments to get things in order. Changes in your financial system and core values are to be expected. Don’t give in to reckless spending!

The Sun enters Aquarius on the 19th; like a fan to your fire, expect your mindset to improve and evolve and increase networking. The Sun in Aquarius makes it a wonderful time to connect with others and give back to the community. It's a clear pathway to break free from mundane routines, so don’t miss it. You'll be attracted to unconventional things and the company of good friends.

You are not out of the woods with Capricorn energy quite yet, seeing as Mars enters Capricorn on the 24th and Mercury Retrograde enters on the 25th. Avoid conflicts with authority and focus on maintaining a positive public image. Much of the struggles will dissipate, granting you the freedom and space to move forward. Apply your courageousness and determination to venture into the unknown and further actualize your dreams.

On Saturday the 29th, Venus, the goddess of affection, beauty, love, relationships, and values, stations direct in Capricorn. As a result, you'll start to feel more at ease in decision-making and social connections. After a period of confusion and uncertainty, you can expect clarity surrounding business and goals. The path is clear to pursue your ambitions with an open mind and heart. Energy tip for this month, building a new relationship with spiritual self-care will be advantageous. 

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