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For the Month of: September 2021

At the very end of August, your ruling planet Mercury moved into Libra, so much of September, for Geminis will be about clear communication with others. Additionally, because of Mercury Retrograde, at the end of September, Mercury will be in Libra for quite some time which allows for whatever lessons you learn in communication to be practiced.

In an effort not to jump too far ahead, the first significant transit to be mindful of is happening on September 4th. On that day, there will be a pleasant aspect, called a trine, occurring between Mercury and Saturn. Saturn is a planet of authority and rules while Mercury is the planet of commerce, short-distance travel, and communication. Around this day, you may find it easier to converse with those with who you typically don’t agree. Often, it’s difficult to hear the other side of the story or argument, but perhaps around the day of this transit, you will discover that you have more in common than not. Additionally, perhaps there has been something stopping you from booking a short trip or getting something approved at work. This transit may also allow for some progress to be made in these areas.

On the 6th, there is a New Moon in Virgo. Geminis and Virgos are both ruled by the planet Mercury, so take advantage of this New Moon by writing down some plans and things you’d like to manifest. Virgo is good at making plans to help reach a goal, and while that energy is high, it’s best to grasp it and use it. You definitely won’t feel as scattered as you may normally.

On the 14th, Mars enters Libra. You may find that your plans to see friends or family are starting to come to life. This may begin a busy season of events and activities. The best thing for you to remember is that you are not required to go to everything. Geminis often like to circulate from group to group, but this Mars energy can burn out fast. If anything that being in lockdown has taught the collective, it is that time is short. Wherever or whoever you find yourself with, make sure it is with those you care about, and you know cares for you too. Best not to push yourself to exhaustion, so that you can give to those that matter most.

Lastly, Mercury Retrograde occurs on September 27th, but you will certainly be feeling it beforehand. No need to worry or fear! Being prepared is the best defense for this energy. Make sure that before the date you are backing up files and getting any odd tech issues straightened out. Try to make plans to sign paperwork before or after the Retrograde period, and if you do inevitability have to sign anything, just triple check the small print. That’s the best way to approach Mercury Retrograde, try not to rush, pay attention to the details, and sleep on decisions if you can.

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