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For the Month of: June 2021

June - Let’s begin with the main event, Gemini. On June 10th, there is a Solar eclipse happening in your sign! This series of eclipses — between the Sagittarius and Gemini axis — began in 2020, with the last one in Gemini being a Lunar eclipse, around November 30th. Eclipses bring change, “ah-ha” moments, and honestly, they like to stir the pot. This doesn’t mean you will be going through an identity crisis, but you may be evaluating, or reimagining, new ways of presenting yourself, styling your hair, or even refreshing your skincare routine. Concurrently, you may also have found yourself taking personality quizzes or learning more about ways to understand your personality better. The emphasis is on the more personal matters because these are all topics that fall into the first house. Therefore, whether you are a Gemini Sun or Rising, pay extra attention to the 19-degree mark in your chart and try to recount any significant (or mundane) changes you may have experienced at the end of November. I would wait to make any changes till after Mercury retrograde.

Quickly after this, we have the second Saturn-Uranus square of 2021. The first one occurred back in February, but despite that being the last exact occurrence, meaning the two planets were on the same degree point, we, as a collective, have been feeling this push-and-pull of the two planets in the background all year. The reason being is that both planets have conflicting goals. Saturn is more about responsibilities and keeping things within reasonable boundaries. Uranus is all about quick change with a little bit of drama. Uranus is in your twelfth house of shadow work, loss, and inner reflection. Saturn is in your ninth house of philosophies, religion, and higher learning. Perhaps you’ve been experiencing new revelations about old belief patterns that make you question what you previously felt assured of? Feel comforted that this square, and time, is calling you to a greater faith because, in the end, faith is all about trusting in a bigger love.

On the 22nd, Mercury goes direct! Mercury, at this point, has been in retrograde since the end of May. This Mercury retrograde may have felt especially heavy for you. Not only is Mercury in your ruling sign, but also, Mercury has been retrograde in your sign! You will begin to feel the lightness of this shift almost immediately. Maybe over the past few weeks, you’ve felt a bit sluggish or not wanting to engage much socially. Maybe you have been struggling with the motivation to not do much of anything. All these things are normal, and as a reminder, it’s just a quick season. Now Mercury will not be going retrograde till after the summer! Take time to grab your favorite summer read and go outside. The fresh air will have you feeling inspired, and there is no limit to what that untapped inspiration may bring to your career, family, and love life! 

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