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For the Month of: July 2022

July - Welcome to July, dear Gemini. Last month, you rediscovered your power and defined your self-worth and personal values. Now, your July 2022 horoscopes come in with new opportunities, choices, friendships, and even illusions. Therefore, you must check in with your higher self and explore all options this month before moving forward.

On July 1, Mars and Pluto generate slight tension, and you might experience ups and downs in friendships and intimate partnerships. On the bright side, this transit invokes tremendous amounts of energy and passion for your work and daily routines- an excellent time to start taking a new approach to situations. When Mercury, your ruling planet, forms a harmonious trine to Saturn the following day, you’ll gain more confidence and security to enhance your outlook on life.

Any issues you’ve been avoiding or things you’ve swept under the rug will be present when Mars enters Taurus on July 5. Mercury enters the intuitive waters of Cancer on the same day, and you won’t want to rush into anything new while working out past issues. However, this month presents many opportunities, like the seven cups. Not every option is good for you; therefore, it's essential to discern illusions. 

By the 13, the Full Moon in Capricorn brings out your desire for success and to explore things in depth. A Full Moon represents a culmination of energies and a peak in the Lunar cycle that brings your awareness to previously hidden or neglected areas. At the same time, your career path, reputation, and relationships take the spotlight. So you’ll want to ensure that these areas of your life embody trust and loyalty.

You are feeling nostalgic and sentimental around the 17 when Venus enters Cancer. This influence will either make you pull back from love or embrace it to the fullest. The key is getting in touch with your moral values and embodying a stronger sense of self. There may be conversations about starting a family business, trust, or property.

You’ll be thinking of ways to have fun, increase your wealth, and live life to the fullest when Mercury enters Leo on the 19. That same day, Chiron, the “master healer/teacher,” goes retrograde in Aries to help you process trauma to become the best version of yourself. You may be hypersensitive to how others receive you. So, focus on the goals you have for your life.

Imagination runs high when the radiant Sun enters Leo on the 22. As a result, you’ll be tapping into your creativity and setting up events with friends. So be your charming and charismatic self. 

Finally, the month ends with Jupiter going retrograde in Aries during the New Moon in Leo. Jupiter retrogrades are excellent periods for growth and development. However, you may experience delays in fulfilling your desires, expectations, or dreams.

Don’t be discouraged. Because the New Moon activates your third intellectual house, and as a result, you feel mentally energized and inspired to learn something new. A New Moon represents the dark energy of the Moon cycle that is fertile soil for planting new intentions, goals, wishes, hopes, and dreams. Since the New Moon travels through your communication sector, you’ll learn it’s not always what you say; it’s how you say it. You manifest your reality through the power of your thoughts and voice.

July energy tip, resist the urge to act if the timing isn’t right. 
Trust that your intuition will tell you when to take action.

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