Horse Daily Horoscope:

Oct 04, 2022 - If you've experienced a setback now is the time to dust yourself off, learn from your experience and move forward with growing confidence, Horse.

You are someone who gets up when you are knocked down. This is a day to remind yourself of your awesome abilities and let the world know that you are ready to rumble!

Trust in yourself and remember that the path you are on is for the higher good. You are on the right path, Horse, even if it seems challenging at times. This is a day for reminder - give yourself the break you need and trust everything will work out as it should.

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Daily Tarot Reading

2 of Swords

2 of Swords

The 2 of Swords can appear when you are in the middle of a stressful situation and aren't sure which way leads out. You may be involved in a heated life battle, where both sides are unwilling to relent their side, and both swords are locked in position. At the same time, you may be facing a tough… Get Your Reading »

Daily Gemstone & Crystal Reading

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite

If we've been feeling stuck in a lazy, unmotivated place, wearing or working with Orange Calcite can help to revitalize and relieve stress, due to its properties of energizing, bringing joy, and creativity. Its primary chakra is the Root Chakra, connected to our physical awareness and our sense of basic needs and security. Very helpful for the signs of Cancer and Leo, who thrive in creativity,… Get Your Reading »

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