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Sep 28, 2022 - There are moments of intense spiritual reflection in store for you at this time, Rat, and sometimes you may feel that you just want to bury the thoughts inside you. But sometimes these thoughts must be faced for you to move forward with greater confidence.

When you reach the core of who you are and when you analyze the why behind everything, the answers become clear to you. This is especially helpful if you have been feeling lost lately and seeking answers.

So don't be afraid to dig deep within. This is a time of intense emotional analysis for you and good things will come from it. Be true to yourself and the rest will naturally fall into place as time goes on, Rat.

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5 of Pentacles

5 of Pentacles

5's in the Tarot represent transition points in our lives, and the 5 of Pentacles is no exception. It's one of the more bleak pictures in the Tarot. I sometimes call this the "Out in the Cold" card. In other words, in some situation, you are feeling left "out in the cold" when the 5 of Pentacles… Get Your Reading »

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Known for its properties of encouragement, strength, and protection, Onyx's connects very closely to our primary chakra, the Root chakra. This is because both Onyx and our Root chakra connect to our sense of safety, security, and our physical identity or sense of self. Combined with its ability to help with issues relating to reducing anxiety, dealing with addictions, allergies, and even in giving… Get Your Reading »

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