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Jan 19, 2022 - First Trine Monkey energy dominates the skies today, Rooster, and this brings you a powerful sense of knowing.

Do you ever get that feeling within you that you just know what’s going to happen before it actually does? That’s your powerful intuition kicking in – and today, it’s kicking!

So trust yourself, Rooster. Don’t let the voice of doubt come creeping up. Your intuition is there to take care of you and guide you. It can be hard to hear it sometimes. But today brings the chance to hear it more clearly than usual.

What messages does it have for you today, Rooster? Be sure to keep an ear out – you will be very glad you did!

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The Moon

The Moon

Darkness distorts how we view things at night. When The Moon card appears in your Tarot reading, the Tarot is sending the message that something in your world is distorted in the current situation you are asking the Tarot about today. That thing could be you. The Moon represents our subconscious… Get Your Reading »

Daily Gemstone & Crystal Reading



"I am always filled with healing energy," is the affirmation of healing Serpentine, a crystal that can be soothing when we are struggling to overcome feelings of anger or irritability. For energetic Gemini, a sign that needs its good humor and to get others on their side, keeping Serpentine nearby can be especially helpful. Its primary chakra is the Heart Chakra, which connects to our feelings of… Get Your Reading »

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