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For the Month of: June 2022

June - Your June 2022 monthly horoscope predicts a frontier filled with abundance, new responsibilities, transformation, and success. Are you ready to open up to this bolder version of yourself? Because new doorways to healthy, thriving, and loving relationships are opening. Just take the blinders off and trust yourself. 

After a few weeks of uncertainty and unasked for change, Mercury stations direct in your committed seventh house, and you'll be able to resolve any looming business or romantic issues. On the other hand, Saturn stations retrograde on the 4th, bringing up slight tension and stress when dealing with emotional problems in the home life. 

Venus and Uranus add icing to the cake by activating sudden news and changes to your seventh house. If you want to handle these fast-paced changes, stick with your self-care routine if things get out of hand.

A deep and powerful expansion occurs when the Full Moon electrifies your value sector. As you know, Full Moons are emotionally charged and highly energetic times that represent a peak in energy. Last month's Full Moon was a Lunar Eclipse in your sign that brought you to a new level of awareness.

Now in Sagittarius, this Full Moon brings your attention to emotional security, finances, and how you identify with your possessions. It's an excellent time to stick to a monthly budget. You may be inclined to act with impulse, and it won't benefit you in the long run. So instead, start that project you've been procrastinating on.

Your co-ruling Planet Mars in Aries forms tight conjunction with Chiron around the 15th, and your energy level may feel slightly low. Pace yourself and find a healthy balance between movement and rest. Consider what you already have on your plate before adding more.

It's time to get out of the house and expand your horizons when Cancer season officially begins on the 21st. Summer is here! Engage yourself with meaningful thought, art, learning, and magic. Lighten up your spirit by expanding your mind and worldwide view. Satisfaction will come in many forms and from many walks of life. So, keep your heart and eyes open to discoveries.

When Venus enters Gemini in your intimate eighth house, things heat up, and your focus shifts toward comfort, finances, hidden knowledge, and tons of passionate sex. You are encouraged to connect more with your partner or that potential hottie. However, avoid using your sexual magnetism as a tool for power to either control or manipulate others. 

Finally, the month ends with Neptune taking the rose-colored glasses off when stationing retrograde on the 28th. Neptune usually throws a web of illusion, and you usually see what you only want to see and not the bigger picture. Now, you must face the cold hard truth. Don't become overwhelmed by these fated experiences and involve yourself in risky ventures. Instead, explore new creative pursuits. Your intuition is at an all-time high and can lead to inspirational breakthroughs.

In fellow Water Sign Cancer, The New Moon nourishes your philosophical ninth house and helps you sow seeds of hope. Whatever you choose, this New Moon offers the best chance to succeed if you follow your heart. So take a leap of faith into the next chapter of your life. It's something aligned with your aspirations and deepest wishes and dreams.

June energy tip, pay attention and listen to the messages and whispers 
of the universe. It's leading you toward emotional fulfillment and success. 

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