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For the Month of: January 2022

January - 2022 is a new chapter for you to follow your calling and tap into your intuitive and creative side. It's essential to embrace new experiences and abundance, even if it's not in the way or form you expected. Opening yourself to new opportunities is sure to lead you on an adventure this year and open many doors.

January's New Moon is on Sunday the 2nd in the ambitious sign of Capricorn. New Moon's represent the start of a brand-new lunar cycle when the Sun and Moon are closely conjunct each other in the same sign. Capricorn is an ambitious and persistent sea-goat with a passion for hard work and long hours. New Moon's provide us with the energy and drive we need to conjure up plans to manifest our deepest desires; Capricorn is the force that will put those plans into action.

Scorpio Risings, the New Moon in Capricorn will transit through your 3rd (whole) house of communication, the mind, siblings, activity, and travel. A perfect opportunity to work through any fears of self-doubt, criticism, and failure. Organization and rest will help you avoid chronic problems or disputes. Use this time to engage in journaling to ease the mind. Relax a little bit and try not to take life too seriously. Any problems presented during this time require rest. You'll be surprised how much energy you gain and how the mind clears when you have adequate sleep.

On the 11th, Mars, your ruling planet of action, confidence, drive, sexual energy, and willpower, clashes with mystical Neptune. You may find that you are overwhelmed with life's responsibilities and unable to express yourself. This transit suggests possible blind spots in contracts. Seek new ways to grow and expand your resources.

Mercury, the speedy planet of communication, travel, mind, and technology, stations retrograde in Aquarius on the 14th. Expect news and a shift in your family and home environment. There may be minor confusion, as deep emotions cloud how you make decisions. Solitude for mental clarity is best with this energy.

The Sun and Pluto heat your ambition and personal desires on the 16th while illuminating a new path in your life's direction. As a result, you may experience a dramatic shift in communication, personality, and even appearance.

This month's Full Moon on the 17th will be in fellow Water sign Cancer.  The Full Moon is the lunar phase when the moon reaches maximum fullness in the skies, fully illuminated from earth's view. Cancer is the Cardinal Water sign with a desire to bring your attention to attitudes and beliefs developed at an early age that is not productive for your growth. Scorpio Risings, the Full Moon in Cancer will occupy your 9th whole house of higher education, spirituality, religion, and philosophy. You may feel the urge to study, travel, and expand beyond your current horizons. Connecting with new cultures, art, and different foods, will prove to be enlightening.

Uranus, the rebellious planet of freedom and individuality, stations direct in fellow Fixed sign Taurus. Thanks to the natural opposition between Taurus and Scorpio, this direct station will be deeply felt, causing a shift in relationships and contracts. You'll find strength in facing your emotions when the South Node moves into your sign until 2023. 

The Sun enters quirky Aquarius on the 19th, challenging Scorpios not to become wound up by the complexity of details, instead mentally detach. Avoid holding on to ugly emotions and bad feelings that can cause an eruption over time.

Mars enters disciplined Capricorn on the 24th, and you may feel energized with a fresh dose of confidence, determination, and energy to accomplish goals. However, there may be minor problems connected with communication, siblings, driving, and short trips. On the other hand, you may have many ideas during this time, so try not to scatter your energy.

Venus, the alluring planet of beauty, love, and pleasure, stations direct in Capricorn on the 29th; Goddess Venus' journey backward in Capricorn brought your attention to early childhood influences and relationship patterns that you needed to transform. Now direct, this is an excellent time for healing in relationships and social connections. It may be time to revive projects that have been on the back burner.

January energy tip, learn how to become emotionally intimate with yourself without shutting down.

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