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For the Month of: September 2021

It’s wild to think that the year is well over halfway over. The days are getting longer and the collective is getting closer to the Sun being in your home sign, dear Scorpio. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, it is necessary to reflect on the challenges and accomplishments of 2021. What would you like to change or how would you like to grow? Keeping these questions in mind as you go through September will help you establish the answers for yourself so that you’re not caught off guard when the New Year is upon us.

On the 6th, there is a New Moon in Virgo. New Moons are excellent times to set goals and plans for how to reach those intentions. Virgo is a sign that matches this type of activity perfectly as it brings an energy of focus and diligence. In the spirit of the last quarter review of 2021, this will help very much with the questions posed above.

The next significant transit to remember for September is on the 10th. On this date, Venus moves into your sign of Scorpio. Venus brings pleasure, love, and sensuality. Venus can bring atheistically pleasing gifts as well. Perhaps you’ve been considering getting a new outfit or changing something about your appliances? Maybe you just need a haircut or a facial? With Venus in your sign, now is the time to treat yourself in matters of beauty and physicality. Alternatively, this transit might also have you making a deeper connection with a certain someone in your life. It may not have to be a romantic connection, but whatever the connection may be, it will certainly be deep, authentic, and someone you will want to keep in your life for a long time to come. 

This focus on relationships will only be highlighted further in September when Mars, your ruling planet according to Ancient Astrology, moves into Libra on the 14th. Libra is a sign that represents partnerships and our relationship with those around us. Mars can be feisty, so consider the consequences your words may bring and determine if it’s worth it. In other terms, think before you speak.

The 25th will bring a trine between Mars and Saturn. Mars is a planet that promotes action. Saturn is a planet that is slow to move. However, a trine promotes harmony, so around this date, you may find this stop-and-go energy to be more easygoing. It could signify in your life a resolution or progress to something you’ve been patiently waiting on. This is great because in a few days, Spetember 27th, Mercury Retrograde will begin, so many areas of life will start to slow down. Whatever the trine between Saturn and Mars brings, the Mercury Retrograde will be a good time to review and reflect on the decision to determine if you’d still like to move forward with it.

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