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Apr 07

Today is the 7th of the month, and there are so many legends about 7 being special that it's hard to think of this as just an ordinary day. It brings a bit of luck, more than a touch of insight, and the potential for a real revelation. Don't expect this to come through someone else, though. 7 is independent to the point of being aloof, and there's not a lot of conformance when it's around.

7 asks you to embrace your own independence, and it creates a paradox. While you're working on being your own person, so is everyone else! It can be hard at times to remember that people are not puzzles to be solved, they're individuals to be loved. Today's vibe is insightful and intriguing, but you've got to turn it inward to understand yourself, rather than figuring out everyone else. Look to your own numerology to find the best way to blend this energy with your Personal Cycle to get the most out of the day.

Global Day number 06

Global Day 6 brings with it kindness and compassion, understanding and a willingness to help and to serve others. While these are very gentle qualities, they're also very strong ones. It takes integrity to be kind when you feel bent out of sorts, and that's part of the paradox that 6 brings. It wants to nurture, but if it's out of balance, that nurturing easily becomes interfering or smothering. When that happens, both the person caring and the person being cared for can lose their patience, and inadvertently hurt the other's feelings.

6 is over sensitive at times, too. It wants to help other so much that it often forgets to look after its own needs, and of course, that doesn't do anyone any favors. No one is any use to anyone when they're worn out, and that's often where crabbiness and even martyrdom set in. Avoid this at all costs today. To find out how to make the best of 6's positive side and avoid its pitfalls, look to your Personal Cycle number, first. That is always going to be the strongest influence on your day, with the Global Number and the calendar date coloring it rather than controlling it.

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What is a Daily Numerology Reading?

Numbers, numbers everywhere! You see them on the calendar and every time you write your date of birth. Your phone number, driver’s license number, and more are all simply that, numbers! They all have an impact in your life; but what does it all mean?

Numbers occur in cycles. The calendar goes from 1 to the end of the month, and then starts over. We count from 1 - 9, and then start again, adding 10 to get 11, 12, and so forth. Even your date of birth is a cycle, with you becoming a year older with every trip around the Sun.

Numerology also occurs in cycles. Just like counting, it goes from 1 - 9, with the exception of the Master Numbers. Does this cycle influence you? You bet it does!

Your numerology vibration changes twice every year; once on January 1 because the digits in the current year change, and once on your birthday, because you’re another year older. However, there are other cycles you can use to give you insight on what’s coming for the following month, the following week, even the following day!

To have a look at where you are in your current numerology cycle, simply fill in your date of birth and hit enter. You’ll then have a complete analysis of the Global Day, the Calendar Date, and where you are in your own Personal Cycle. Armed with this interpretation, you’ll have a better understanding of how to approach the day, and what activities to embrace or avoid. Knowledge is valuable!

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