Libra Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs


Libra - Pisces Compatibility

Libra Matched With Pisces In a Libra and Pisces match we have a very balanced match in love compatibility where both zodiac signs work hard to meet the other's needs, regularly. Here we have the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra paired with the Mutable… read more


Libra - Aquarius Compatibility

Libra Matched With Aquarius A Libra and Aquarius match is an exciting match with a high score in love compatibility as this pair brings many unique similarities to the table. Here we have the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra paired with the Fixed Air Sign… read more


Libra - Capricorn Compatibility

Libra Matched With Capricorn There are many differences coming into play with the Libra and Capricorn match. It is a combined pairing of intense energies that leads many astrologers to say the love compatibility in this match will need some work. We… read more


Libra - Sagittarius Compatibility

Libra Matched With Sagittarius When Libra and Sagittarius join forces there is literally nothing stopping them. This is a very dynamic match with a lot of energy and love compatibility in spades. Here we have the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra paired… read more


Libra - Scorpio Compatibility

Libra and Scorpio is a pair with remarkable differences in how they pursue life, but when in love, they are able to make their level of compatibility work to have a happy and healthy relationship. Libra and Scorpio love compatibility is like the… read more


Libra - Libra Compatibility

Libra Matched With Libra A Libra and Libra match ranks very high on the love compatibility scale. This is two Cardinal Air Sign energies coming into play so there are many positives for this relationship that bodes well for its long term success.… read more


Libra - Virgo Compatibility

Libra Matched With Virgo There are two different energies coming into play in the Libra and Virgo match in love compatibility, and this relationship will be the case of opposites attract. Both Libra and Virgo approach life and problems in very… read more


Libra - Leo Compatibility

Libra Matched With Leo There is a lot of energy in the Libra and Leo match, and this is one that many will agree rank high in love compatibility. Here we have the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra matched with the Fixed Fire Sign of Leo. When Air and Fire… read more


Libra - Cancer Compatibility

Libra Matched With Cancer There are many astrologers that will say the Libra and Cancer match has more stacks against it than for it in love compatibility, but we always say every pancake has two sides. Granted, the Libra and Cancer love… read more


Libra - Gemini Compatibility

Libra Matched With Gemini There are a lot of good things happening with a Libra and Gemini match on the love compatibility meter. Here we have two Air Signs coming together in a unity that is very complementary. Libra is the Cardinal Air Sign in this… read more


Libra - Taurus Compatibility

Libra Matched With Taurus A Libra and Taurus match is one that to those involved, will seem a karmic act of love compatibility. We have two zodiac signs ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, coming together in this magical alignment of the… read more


Libra - Aries Compatibility

Libra Matched With Aries When Libra and Aries make a whirl for it on the love compatibility scale, sparks fly. This is a very high energy relationship with a high level of love compatibility. Here we have two Cardinal Signs joining forces with the… read more