Pisces Woman - Traits, Love, and More

Some people are givers, and others are receivers. Some people are all about themselves, and others are all about everyone else. Some people spend their lives grounded in hard reality, while others refuse to do anything but exist in a dreamy land of wonder. The Pisces female is the latter in all three of these previous statements. She is ethereal, selfless, kind, emotional, loving, and always willing to give all of herself for something that she sees as important. This is generally an old soul who, almost regardless of her age, carries wisdom with her throughout her lifetime. The Pisces traits in a female can be all at once intoxicating and frustrating, depending on the situation and the person experiencing them.

If you’re here to learn all about the Pisces woman, you’re doing the right thing, as this is a person that requires some study. She’s complicated, even though she strives to live a simple, happy life free of worry and everyday stress. Below you’ll find information regarding the Pisces personality in a female, her views on romance, how she sees herself as a wife and mother, where she fits in as a friend, how she handles money and careers, and other information that could be helpful to you as you encounter this lovely but mysterious lady.

The Pisces Woman Personality - Emotions Rule

Some people think their way through life, but the Pisces Zodiac sign feels her way through it. A Pisces woman has innate characteristics that provide her with the ability to read a situation accurately, and to respond accordingly. There’s an instinct to her that is impossible to define or explain, as this is not someone who spends all day reading psychology textbooks or studying interpersonal dynamic theories. That’s not to say that the Pisces woman’s traits do not include intelligence, as she is quite intellectual in her own way. It’s just that it’s not the “traditional” way that others would use to define such a quality. She couldn’t care less about how that works or what others think, much like a Pisces man - she’s here to experience things the way she sees fit.

Given her proclivity towards non-academic thinking, some people can see the ever-emotional Pisces woman as difficult to handle on a regular basis. Emotion-based decision-making is often asserted as one of the Pisces woman’s negative traits, but those who level this charge may not always understand that there is also thinking behind these decisions. Other challenges with the Pisces woman include her lack of discipline when it comes to tackling hardcore tasks, and her lack of interest in predictability. These can be frustrating qualities for others to have to handle.

The Pisces Woman in Love - Dating and Relationships

If you’re dating a Pisces woman, then you have probably already gotten a full dose of what it’s like to be around such a person. That’s because the Pisces woman’s personality does not do nuance or really anything halfway. If she’s interested in you, she’s throwing herself into dating you full-force, without hesitation or trepidation. This can be a bit overwhelming for unsuspecting dating partners, but as long as you understand that she’s not someone who thinks before leaping and that you need to be kind and understanding in this regard, things should work out well.

If you’re involved in a serious relationship with a Pisces woman, then you’re under a spell of volcanic love, the likes of which you’ve never seen before. The Pisces female has dedicated her entire being to you, and she makes sure that you know that every day. It’s probably a secure feeling to know that you have become the center of her universe, but for those who want to at least leave themselves a bit of wiggle room, this reality can be a bit unsettling. The Pisces woman in love is a force of nature that’s intoxicating for some, suffocating for others. Typically, other water signs will be a match for Pisces woman, according to Zodiac love compatibility.

The Pisces Woman at Home - Marriage and Motherhood

If you’re marrying a Pisces female, then you also need to prepare for a lifetime of being showered with love. Your spouse will spend her days making sure that you’re happy, that you know that you’re everything to her, and that all is well, even when it isn’t always as it should be. You need to reciprocate that love to some degree, as your Pisces wife is also extremely sensitive and will notice if you become bored or even slightly dismissive. Don’t make that mistake - treat her to romance and surprises from time to time, and you’ll have a loyal and happy wife who’s content to build a home for you and the rest of your family.

Speaking of the rest of your family, the Pisces female is generally a wonderful mother. Her nurturing nature and creative spirit lend themselves well to teaching children about the world. She will teach them to think independently, to love intensely, and to be open to others. However, she may also lack in the discipline department, so you may need to be ready to step in and handle that aspect of raising your kids. All in all, though, your children will have a happy childhood with a Pisces female as their mother.

The Pisces Woman as a Friend - Supportive Forever

As mentioned above, the Pisces traits in a female prompt her to give of herself in just about every way possible;that includes in friendships. Simply put, you’ll never have a more loyal and genuinely caring and selfless friend than a Pisces female. She will devote herself to your friendship and make sure that you feel important every time you speak or spend time together. She’ll be happy to do whatever it is that you want to do, and she’ll surprise you with gifts and other thoughtful deeds that you won’t necessarily see coming.

However, being friends with a Pisces woman also means that you’re going to have to step up your commitment level as well. If you’re someone who tends to make a lot of “friends” who may not be true friends but more acquaintances, you should be careful before getting into a friendship with a Pisces female. They don’t do the acquaintance thing, so she may not understand when you decline a few invitations in a row from of her. She’ll start to question what’s happening, and she could react emotionally before you even know what hit you.

The Pisces Woman and Reality - Money and Careers

Money and emotions don’t mix well, especially when decisions are involved. As you see, the Pisces female is generally governed by emotions, and they are powerful at that. Therefore, the Pisces woman is not generally someone who does well with money. She’s going to spend when she feels like spending, and that may not always make a lot of sense, especially if or when she’s spending more than she should. If you’re going to partner with a Pisces woman, either in life or in work, make sure you’re ready to handle the finances, as it’ll save you a lot of trouble down the road.

Given the Pisces woman’s creative and dreamy nature, she needs to be put in a position to succeed such that she can put those intuitive and emotional thoughts to good use. That’s definitely not in fields that require a ton of discipline or attention to detail, such as accounting or in the military, but she would do quite well in roles such as social work, teaching, or even sales if she fully believes in what she’s selling. The bottom line though is that the Pisces female is not generally known to be overly ambitious, but she will work hard if she thinks her mission is important.

The Pisces woman is one of the loveliest and most caring people you’re ever going to meet. She makes a tremendous friend, intense lover, a great mother, and someone you’re happy to have in your life. If you’re a Pisces, be sure to tune in to your daily Pisces horoscope for inspiration and guidance.