2018 Numerology and The Chinese Zodiac

Posted on December 30, 2017

The year ahead holds great shifts, lots of marital energy and a heightened spiritual awareness. According to numerology forecasts and the Chinese Zodiac being the year of the dog, relationships will be in focus in all areas of our lives. We will be holding hands throughout the year as we realize how to fit together to enjoy life and become successful.

Expect to see a lot of political systems shift because people’s hearts will be beaming with passion to protect those who are oppressed. This passionate year is about loyalty, expansion of consciousness and connecting to our spiritual side.

2018 Numerology

We are entering a universal number 2 year, with the positive themes such as marriage and teaming up as well as the negative themes of being two faced or taking sides. The 2 energy is all about patience and we can see relationships turn into marriages in the coming year as it’s not a year of isolation but of joining. In our careers we will need to share and pool our resources.

It is also a master Number 11 year which means we will have a heightened spiritual connection, just as we saw in 2009 when a lot of people got into spirituality and there was a thinning of the veil. Personally, the 11 energy will help us with intuition and expansion of consciousness.

Find good ways to manage anxiety because 11 is a master number that brings a great magnitude of energy that we will need to anchor into our psyche and nervous system. On a large scale, the 2 energy will highlight extremes in beliefs that can clash, but it also will allow for the coming together and joining of groups.

The 11 energy is always going to bring shifts of great magnitude so we can expect old systems that no longer serve the people to be confronted. We are ending a 1 year which is about independence and starting something new. Now we will revamp our plans on those projects and pool our skills to make things work more efficiently.

This year is about patience, being dependable and growing wise as our collective consciousness is catapulted to higher ideals.

Chinese Zodiac Year of The Earth Dog

The year of the dog technically begins February 16, 2018. The earth dog is sometimes called the yellow dog. The energy matches that of the 2 in numerology with the themes of balance as well as empathy and tolerance. We will see people joining together with those that are neglected in society to bring equality.

The 2018 Chinese Zodiac element is earth and this is the natural element of the dog, accentuating its characteristics that much more. Coming from the outgoing year of the fire rooster where we began projects, we are now asked to team up with people to push that momentum forward.

Just like the 2 energy, this year will be all about the communication between people. Similar to the energy of the master number 11, the dog year brings a new consciousness only seen once every 60 years. This will bring new thoughts about what it means to be human philosophically and can lead to new systems that help our society run better.

Maybe we see energy infrastructures shift and education programs revised for instance. The energy for relationships is assuring according to the Chinese Zodiac which matches the numerology predictions.

The earth element in Chinese astrology corresponds to the planet Saturn. Saturn is a responsible energy that can be serious but communicates well. We will see the loyal characteristics of the dog combined with pragmatism and efficiency. We have a strong moral sense with the earth dog and much less extravagant energy than last year.

The dog is also the 11th position of the Chinese Zodiac, which matches the numerology master number energy. Again, to avoid excessive worrying, do things that make you laugh and lighten up. You’ll feel like planning a lot before moving but your instincts will also be strong. There will be innovations and combining of resources to create new socially conscious businesses.


Your personal year number reveals more specifics about what you can expect in 2018. Use our personal year number calculator to find yours. Those that live in fear will experience a year of confusion and chaos, seeing only strong opposing viewpoints. Those that live from their heart, accentuating spiritual ideals will find love bridges our differences and heals our world.

Greed will not fare well in the coming year as we subtly want to find a way to connect through higher ideals. We may see the overthrowing of regimes that have been oppressive, so be prepared for even more revolutionary changes. Your heart and mind may feel like they are in a tug of war this year.

Spend lots of time in meditation listening to your heart so it can guide you away from fear based decisions.

Being a 2 year with the expansive 11 energy, you may want to find your own balance number to understand how to center yourself amidst strong winds of change and divisiveness in ideologies. The Chinese horoscope for 2018 points to love as does the 2 energy, so maybe save some extra dollars for the fun times and events to come!

Family, equality and morality are in our hearts and minds as we plunge into the next dimension of our spiritual evolution. This year you can best support your friends by reminding them to follow their heart and take time to relax to lower anxiety.

To thrive and enjoy 2018, prioritize partnerships, make a habit of getting massages, listening to calm music and taking bubble baths to balance the energy you will have that makes you feel like you have to do so much and push yourself. You can make great changes in your life this year that will benefit the big picture!

Even if there is drama on the global scale, sometimes things must be shaken up to see what is meant to remain after the dust settles.

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