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Nov 28, 2021 - You may feel a bit short-tempered today, Dragon, especially if things aren't going your way, so be sure to take the time relaxing and engaging in some self-care.

You may become frustrated if you feel others are not listening to you or doing as they are told.

Third Trine Dog energy fills the skies and can present challenges for you but at the same time, it promotes inner harmony. Spend time among nature where possible as this helps to relax and unwind you. Big things are coming this week, so don't over-exert yourself, Dragon.

Meditation and spending time among nature is very helpful for you. Take some time out if you feel emotions getting the better of you and stay focused on your long-term aspirations.

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Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is the life of every party and more mature than some of the other Wand figures in the deck. She is the entire package. She is beautiful in a head-turning kind of way, she is intuitive, psychic, creative, has a little bit of a temper, vivacious, but is also warm-hearted and… Get Your Reading »

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Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite

For those of us suffering from issues with our memory or being able to maintain our concentration, Rainbow Fluorite could be beneficial. This grounding and stabilizing crystal's primary chakra is the Heart Chakra, which relates to our ability to be compassionate and show forgiveness. "The connection with my higher self keeps me calm and grounded" is the affirmation that best represents Rainbow… Get Your Reading »

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