Dragon Daily Horoscope:

Oct 03, 2022 - How much do you truly trust yourself, Dragon? Do you believe in yourself as much as you should or do worries and fears get the better of you?

It's important to set boundaries where necessary. Sometimes you may find yourself having trouble saying no but it is essential for you to set these boundaries for self-care.

Where in your life do these boundaries need to be put in place? Remember, these boundaries are for the best in the long run so don't let worry or a sense of inadequacy stand in your way if these feelings creep up, Dragon.

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Daily Tarot Reading

The Lovers

The Lovers

The Lovers is almost always a welcome card in any Tarot reading and represents a union of yin and yang coming together. There is some caution to be had when we see this card, as it depicts the Garden of Eden and the choice that was presented in that mythological story. Love and light predominate… Get Your Reading »

Daily Gemstone & Crystal Reading



"Any possibility can be your reality," is an affirmation that best represents Amethyst's energy. Containing qualities of purification and protection, this crystal is especially powerful for those under the signs of Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. It is known to help with physical issues involving the immune system, but also to aid in healing us from addictions. Interestingly, Amethyst is… Get Your Reading »

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