Goat Daily Horoscope:

Sep 28, 2022 - Some intense self-reflection is on the agenda. Something is causing you worry and it's important to take things into perspective, to have some time to breathe and sit down, and reflect in a way that is rational and non-judgmental.

Be good to yourself and trust in your own skills and talents You have much to offer and much to achieve. Never forget this, Goat.

Don't let anyone get you down and don't let negative thinking hold you back. There are good opportunities just around the corner. Sometimes you just have to take a break and give yourself time to regenerate.

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Sometimes we live life just going through the motions. We don't rock the boat because it will upset people, even if they are treating us unjustly or unfairly. When the Judgement card arrives, it's time to shed that toxic skin and just be true to who you are in order to move onto the next phase. When… Get Your Reading »

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Jade is often associated with good fortune and the energy of abundance. Sometimes, people will use this crystal as a good luck charm that they will keep with them to keep fate smiling upon them. "I recognize abundance," is the affirmation most in-tune with stabilizing Jade, a crystal known to help with physical health issues relating to our bones, cramps, or our reproductive systems. Particularly… Get Your Reading »

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