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For the Month of: October 2021

The beginning of October begins with the Sun in Libra. The Sun is your ruling planet, so it’s necessary to pay attention to where the Sun is in the sky. The energies of Libra could have you focused on your relationships. There could be lots going on in the lives of those around you, but it is only temporary. Therefore, during this time, be sure that you are listening and being there for the people you are close with so they know that they can count on you for support. Your boldness may just be the type of outlook they require to move into a better place within whatever circumstances they are currently facing. For Leo Rising, this is happening in your third whole sign house of neighbors and siblings, so it would not be surprising if these are the types of relationships you are working with at the start of the month.

The 6th of October brings the first significant Moon transit. It is a New Moon in the sign of Libra which will only continue to highlight the theme of partnership. New Moons occur when the Moon is very close to the Sun in the sky. Emotions may be high, but as long as you are carving out a few hours for yourself, you will find the New Moon to be truly inspiring in a hopeful way. During the time you have with yourself, write out your desires for you the significant relationships in your life. New Moons are great times to manifest, so stick with the theme and imagine what could result!

On the 8th, the Sun will conjunct Mars. Conjunctions bring together and intensify the energies of both planets and luminaries involved. Mars is a planet of action and aggression. Be sure to think before you speak and to release the extra Martian energy in constructive ways. This may manifest as trying a new workout or even just going for a walk. If you feel particularly antsy on or around this date, be mindful to not blame others but rather to move with the energies for relief. 

Mercury Retrograde will be happening during the majority of October. Mercury will go direct on the 18th. Because of this transit, try not to push your agenda too much. If there is no true rush, it’s best to wait it out till after the 18th. You can begin making slow progress on the task after this date.

The Sun will move into Scorpio on the 23rd. This will cause the entire collective to be more inquisitive and overall more focused on a given subject. What that subject is will be based on everyone’s individual chart, but for Scorpio Risings there may be a certain emphasis on home and family since Scorpio rules the fourth house in the Whole Sign House system. Maybe you’ll be beginning a new project on your house or apartment, or perhaps someone in your family will be? Whatever the subject, you will be sure to get a sense of what that is while the Sun presides in Scorpio.

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