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For the Month of: June 2022

June - Last month led to self-discovery and activated profound healing. This month predicts a comeback and recovery through the chaos and learning how to embrace life with optimism and positivity. No matter where you go or what you do, radiant energy follows you. Everything will work out if you have trust and apply faith through difficult times.

Important news comes to the forefront on the 3rd when Mercury stations direct in Taurus. Perhaps you were waiting for a promotion or ready to launch that new business plan. Either way, Mercury is now direct, and you can start to put your goals in motion.

You may hit some rocky spots on the 4th when Saturn stations retrograde in your relationship sector and dig up heavy karmic themes. You may experience delays, frustrations, or even endings in business or romantic partnerships. If you want any relationship to work, you must put in WORK!

Venus and Uranus form a new cycle in your vocational tenth house on the 11th, and that news you've been waiting for may finally come around. It may be time to make some big decisions regarding your professional life. In addition, any career change at this time marks a pathway toward new avenues of success.

Suppose you've missed important information during Mercury retrograde; on the 13th, when Mercury reenters Gemini, you'll have an opportunity to reassess blind spots and go over those details with a fine toothcomb. Don't let the build-up emotions bring you down; focus on your happiness and long-term goals. 

Mid-month, the Full Moon shines a light on what you truly desire. Full Moons are magical endings representing a peak of the culmination of energies. In fellow Fire Sign Sagittarius, this Full Moon is about being daring, taking risks, and getting out of your daily routine. It's time to frame a new mindset and apply a new belief in life.

Full Moons are also times of emotional intensities that bring up anything you've buried. So, get creative and let go of the past. Tap into your power and express it in positive ways. Dating and relationships will feel intense, so it's okay if you take a time out. 

You'll feel the urge to schedule some much-needed me-time once Cancer season starts on the 21st. Although it's Summer Solstice, and the energy is bursting with vibrancy. You feel the need to retreat and reflect; use this as an opportunity to embrace the unseen realm.

You may feel like you are being pulled into a million directions when Venus enters Gemini and intensifies your wishful eleventh house. The phone is ringing off the hook, and your friends seem like they can't do anything without you. If you are single, you may want to join a dating site or go on a blind date. Your connections with others will be favorable if you focus on warm and pleasant communication.

By June 28th, Neptune uncovers secrets and disrupts your routine when stationing retrograde in your intimacy sector. It's time to best honest and face the illusions and limiting beliefs that hold you back. 

Finally, the New Moon in Cancer brings a dynamic period of letting go and recharging your spiritual batteries. You've dealt with eclipses that brought attention to your career and home life. So you have an excellent opportunity to find peace, recharge, and start fresh.

June energy tip, learn to become aware of your 
energy and be honest about your emotional needs.

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