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For the Month of: June 2021

June - Throughout June, you will have two personal planets come into your sign. The first one will be Mars on the 11th. Mars coming into your sign brings tons of energy, but it is important to balance what type of energy it manifests into. Mars can be a planet of action and leadership, but Mars can also be competitive and challenging, to a fault. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you around and after this date to be mindful of times when you get frustrated or angry easily. If you can recognize what is triggering you, you can be more proactive in harnessing that Mars energy for productivity and not drama. 

Your ruling planet, the Sun, enters your neighboring sign of Cancer on the 20th. You may feel particularly reflective at this time which is entirely aligned to your birth chart. For Leo Risings, Cancer rules the house of inner-self and shadow work. Additionally, Cancer is a sign that tends to be more contemplative. Pay attention to any motivation, or lack thereof, to be active. If you feel like resting or having a quiet night to yourself, there is nothing wrong with drawing yourself a bubble bath. This is only a temporary season, and you will be feeling rested faster than you think!

As mentioned above, the second planet slipping into your sign this month will be Venus on the 27th. The weekend of June 26th and 27th would be a wonderful time to plan something fun that you enjoy. Venus is the planet of benevolence, pleasure, and love. If you have someone special in your life, the two of you may be sharing some nice harmony. If you are not with a certain someone, plan something that involves catching up with loved ones or friends in a socially distanced, safe manner. Venus in your sign encourages play, so you may also be feeling yourself wanting to create around this time. Whatever you enjoy, whether it be writing, photography, or crafts, you will feel a release of creativity. Embraced this moment for some play because we will be glad you did.

For Leo Risings, Capricorn rules your sixth house of health and daily routine. On the 24th, there will be a Full Moon in Capricorn. Leo Risings, when was the last time you had a doctor or dentist appointment? This Full Moon may be calling you to have a check-up — not out of concern but because it is good self-care. 

Full Moons, for the collective, bring about a completion or an end of a cycle. Full Moons can also represent a time to release whatever is not serving you. If you are unsure of what that may be for you, take a brief second to pause and think, and whatever comes to your mind first, that is the area you may want to focus on for this Full Moon. It’s important to write down any concerns on or around Full Moons so that you can release them. The action of putting something on paper frees the mind from having to hold onto it and opens the mind to newer ideas.

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