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For the Month of: September 2021

To say that August and Leo season was eventful, would be the understatement of the year, especially for you dear Leo. Now with all the celebrating and bold energies behind you, you may find that September brings a bit more steadiness to your day-to-day. Therefore, allow yourself this month to catch up on some much-needed rest and work. The energies of Virgo season will support your ability to be able to plan and execute your goals, so do not take advantage of this time.

On the 10th, Venus will transit into Scorpio. Venus has been in Libra for some weeks allowing for everyone’s relationships with one another to develop and grow. Now with Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, slipping into Scorpio, a sign of passion and depth, you may find that some such relationships are taken to the next level. There will begin to be developments in intimacy and connection. Even if you are not in a committed relationship, with Venus in Scorpio you will still find areas of life that begin to light up with passion. Allow for yourself to study such areas and investigate what excites you about them. You will learn much about yourself in the process. For Leo Risings, Scorpio rules your house of home and family, so during this transit, you may find yourself particularly drawn to being at home with closed relations.

On September 14th, your ruling planet, the Sun, will oppose Neptune in Pisces. On and around this date, make certain to triple-check the facts. Neptune in Pisces can be dreamy and spiritual but also idealistic. When planets oppose each other, it’s sort of like a celestial tag-of-war. Make certain to pay attention that you’re not swept up in flattery and to consider both sides of a story. This is a practice that’s important at all times, but especially during this transit. 

On the 22nd, the Sun will move into Libra officially kicking off Libra season. Libra season is about balancing compromise. While the Sun is in Libra, you might find yourself interacting with a variety of different people, and may even feel it difficult to get a moment to yourself. Striking balance between “me time” and socializing will be hard since you, as a Leo, are often the life of the party. Remind yourself of the importance of rest and space, and you will find that taking that time for yourself is the best decision you could make.

On the 27th, is the start of the Mercury Retrograde. Knowing the times of this transit will help you deal with the frustrating energies it may bring. Make certain to reread your work and back up your files on your computer. Also, although it may be difficult, sit on decisions and try to think before you speak or commit to something. At times, Mercury Retrograde can have us speaking out of turn or taking on more work than we might be able to manage. With those warnings in mind, you will come through this period with flying colors!

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