Monkey Daily Horoscope:

Feb 26, 2021 - With Second Trine Rooster energy filling the skies and the Full Moon appearing tomorrow this is a time of deep contemplation and perhaps reconsidering your current methods of doing things, Monkey.

You may be unsatisfied on an emotional level in some aspect of your life. Feelings may be avoided or repressed. It is important to face your feelings and find healthy and productive ways of dealing with them.

You may have something important to say to another but feel unable to. Take time to go inwards and listen to your inner wisdom, Monkey. What message does it have for you?

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Daily Tarot Reading

10 of Swords

10 of Swords

At first glance, there is very little comfort to be found in the 10 of Swords. This card often signals an ultimate betrayal, with its symbolism of being stabbed in the back multiple times being very clear. But what many querants forget to about when the 10 of Swords appears is the bright horizon… Get Your Reading »

Daily Gemstone & Crystal Reading



Soothing Chrysocolla has a calming effect and can assist in aura cleansing, giving us the support we need to find acceptance and recover from feelings of guilt, anger and fear. If we have been hiding something, Chrysocolla encourages us to be more honest and its affirmation is, "I welcome different phases and change into my life." Thought to be very helpful with the signs of Taurus, Gemini and… Get Your Reading »

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