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May 15, 2022 - Let love lead the way, Ox! Romance is in the air and it compels you to speak from the heart.

What is it that you want to express? How can you make your feelings known? You may be holding back. Why is that, Ox?

Remember, life is short and a missed opportunity can stay with us for a long time. Sometimes we just need to have that leap of faith. Sometimes we need to follow our heart and leave our rational mind full of fear and doubt behind. What decision will you make, Ox? 

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Daily Tarot Reading

Page of Cups

Page of Cups

Pages in the Tarot are news bearers, and as such, when we see a Page arrive, news is often on its way. Pages can thus represent messages that are on the way, or they can represent people in a younger age group (usually 18-25). When the Page of Cups arrives in your day, you are being told that you… Get Your Reading »

Daily Gemstone & Crystal Reading

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

"I am open to everything around me and within me," is an affirmation that is best representative of nurturing Red Jasper. This crystal is known to help those of us seeking physical protection and looking to relieve health issues involving body weakness. Red Jasper is even thought to aid in increasing vitality, that's why its stabilizing and energetic aura is particularly useful for the signs of… Get Your Reading »

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