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Jul 03, 2022 - This is a time for being open and honest with your feelings, Ox. This lunar energy is here to let you know that only with total honesty of your emotions can you move forward to a more positive environment and sense of well-being.

Taking time to journal your emotions is very good for you at this time. If there is something you need to get off your chest to another, now is the time to do so.

This lunar energy encourages a sense of calm and a stronger sense of inner peace. Getting there can be challenging but the more you go within, the more peace you will find in your environment, Ox.

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The Devil

The Devil

The Devil can strike fear in those asking a simple question of the Tarot today, but it doesn't have to. The symbolism of the Devil card tells you everything you need to know about its inherent meaning. There is a definite sign of being trapped by something, as noted by the chains in the Lovers at… Get Your Reading »

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Especially helpful for those with Cancer and Leo placements, Carnelian can help with anger and the feeling of being overwhelmed. To represent its peaceful aura, the affirmation "I have inner joy and peace," would best represent its energy. This crystal can help us get from a place of negativity to a place of acceptance and happiness, which is helpful when dealing with a broken heart. When working… Get Your Reading »

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