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May 30, 2020 - Today the First Quarter Moon brings a time of strength and determination and seeing things through. Tasks that may have been challenging can be approach with great vigor today, Rabbit!

Second trine energy brings out the best in you and encourages you to focus on the long-term. Your long-term goals can be achieved with persistance and doggedness. You only need to believe in yourself, Rabbit.

You are capable of more than you may even know. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself and remind yourself of how gifted and wonderful you are - because you really are!

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When Judgement appears in your day, then know that you have followed the course of faith well, and your rewards are about to come in. This is a card of rebirth, of an injection of new energy into an old situation. But with Judgement you receive not only clarity but answers on your journey thus far as… Read More »

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Healing, renewing Fuschite's primary chakra is the Heart Chakra, which relates to our abilities to be compassionate and forgiving in our relationships. "I am young at heart, but wise beyond my years," is its affirmation and it can be very helpful to those under the signs of Libra and Aquarius. Rejuvenating Fuschite can help those of us working on physical issues relating to our immune systems, and… Read More »

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