Aries Woman: Traits, in Love, and More

Astrology dice showing the symbols for Aries woman on an astrology chart.

An Aries woman is someone who comes right at you, who leaves nothing to interpret, and who is always moving forward. With that being said, this is not all that gender-specific – you’ll find this with most people who fall under the Aries Zodiac sign.

The Aries Personality in Females – A General View

Every day is the Aries woman’s oyster, as they say. She wakes up ready to take on the world and to take no prisoners. She knows what she wants, and those Aries woman traits help her pursue those goals relentlessly. She is a ram, and like a ram, she’s going to move straight ahead, climb mountains, and go wherever she needs to go to get to wherever she decides to be. That’s the way it is with all Aries people, regardless of gender, and that’s what makes them special.

Generally speaking, she is fiery. An Aries woman is influenced by the fire element just like the Aries man. This guides her on a daily basis. She’ll say things that other people may not say, she’ll do things that other people would not do, and she’ll always look to have fun. She makes the most out of her existence, and she can turn the otherwise mundane into something exciting. If she can’t do that, she moves on to something else, as she’s not about wasting time fitting in. One of the potential risks inherent in an Aries woman’s internal characteristics is that this relentless pursuit of living life to the fullest can sometimes lead to burnout, but she’ll worry about that when she gets to it, if she ever does.

The Aries Woman in Love – Dating and Relationships

If you start dating an Aries woman, you’ll always know exactly where she thinks the relationship stands. It may take her some time to fully commit long-term, but once she does, she’s all-in. That’s how an Aries works, whether we’re talking about dating or anything else. They don’t bother with things that they don’t see as worthwhile, and that aspect of an Aries woman’s personality definitely shines through in her dating and romantic life. Even at the beginning of things, she’ll forge ahead and get things moving if she’s interested, which is something that a lot of people will appreciate.

That said, an Aries woman can also come off as self-centered at times, as she needs to be satisfied on every level in order to be happy. She needs to be interested and fully engaged in what’s happening, or else she will get bored and move on. That doesn’t mean that it’s all about the Aries woman all the time, as she will be willing to put a lot of effort into making someone else happy, but only if she is happy herself. You just need to be open, honest and fun, and everything else should go quite well. For more, check out our Zodiac love compatibility information.

The Aries Female - Home and Family Life

As is the case with her dating life, when an Aries woman commits to a marriage, she’s fully committed in every sense. She gives up herself as much as she thinks is possible, and she expects the same in return. Aries traits in a female are not that different than those in an Aries man, in that she puts forth and expects fire and passion on a regular, if not constant basis. She is loyal, and she will stick with her spouse, but she needs to feel the same in return. If she doesn’t, she won’t waste time in losing interest and making it clear that she’s doing so. However, an Aries wife is a loyal and loving wife who wants to keep things fresh and fun. She’s a great and true companion.

The Aries woman, as mentioned, is consistent. She’s going to put all of herself into whatever she believes in, and that certainly holds true with regards to motherhood. Part of the Aries woman’s personality is that of a leader, and she will make a tremendous leader and role model for her children. She will teach them to work hard, to never give up, and to never take a backseat to anyone or anything if they believe in something. Those are invaluable lessons, and ones that children can carry forward throughout their own lives.

An Aries Woman's Characteristics – Her Role as a Friend

Friendship means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but an Aries woman is just that – a lot of things – as a friend. Above all else, she is a true and loyal friend who will stick with those close to her through thick and thin, especially when times are tough. She will also make sure to keep things interesting, constantly suggesting if not all but forcing friends into new and exciting – at least to her- experiences that keep people on their toes.

An Aries woman is also someone who won’t keep you guessing what she’s thinking as a friend. She’ll tell you what’s on her mind, even if you don’t want to hear it. However, before anyone thinks that an Aries woman’s personality leads to her being a difficult friend, you should know that this is not the case either. An Aries woman injects positivity into situations as much as possible, so she’s quite good at seeing the bright side and pulling friends out of a case of the blues if such a step is necessary. With an Aries woman, you’re getting a good friend, and someone you can count on when you need her the most.

The Aries Woman and Ambition – Careers and Money

By now, it should come as no surprise at all that the Aries woman possesses characteristics that are tailor-made for a successful career. She is ambitious, she is a leader, and she is unrelenting in her pursuit of achievement, mostly because this is what keeps her engaged and interested in what she’s doing. If you want someone to quietly come into work, accomplish basic tasks, and then quietly punch out and go home, do not hire an Aries woman, as you’ll be getting just the opposite.

The Aries woman often finds the most fulfillment in high-level leadership positions. This may buck the norm in some of the good old boys’ networks that you’ll find in the professional world, she couldn’t care less – she’s there to get things done, and she’s not going to stop and worry about any sore toes or bruised egos.

The Aries Woman and Style – Making a Statement

Finally, the Aries woman is almost always known by those around her as someone with a notable sense of style. She’s not afraid to break norms or to go it alone in terms of what she’s wearing. She’s definitely not someone who’s going to carefully watch what everyone else is wearing and go with the crowd, as she’s not interested in blending in – she wants to stand out, because that’s what she finds inherently interesting.

Generally, Aries traits in a female tend to work well with fashion because fashion is always changing and moving forward. That’s the same thing an Aries woman does, so she is going to be excited about new fashion seasons and new ideas. She’s going to be willing to try them, perhaps before anyone else she knows, and she’s not going to hold back if she doesn’t like what she’s wearing or even what you’re wearing.

Overall, the Aries woman is an extremely interesting person. She may seem tough on the exterior, but she has a loving heart and genuinely cares about those close to her. She’ll keep you positive, moving, and won’t let you settle. Why would she? She’d never do that, and if that’s how she sees life, that’s exactly how everyone else should see it as well. Aries women are always worth the time to get to know. If you’re an Aries woman, please check here regularly for your up-to-Aries horoscope.