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Jul 31, 2021 - This is a time to focus on your inner self, Tiger, and this is because it’s important to keep yourself balanced internally, especially with the challenges you face.

You are more sensitive than usual today and you may sense things are brewing. Now it is more important than ever that you are at your best as others may turn to you for strength and comfort.

Second Trine Snake energy fills the air and this can indicate some difficult discussions may be incoming. Keep your cool, Tiger, and remember that your true strength comes from mastering yourself and your emotions. You have the strength and fortitude to do this so don’t stop believing in yourself.

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Daily Tarot Reading

King of Cups

King of Cups

The King of Cups arrives in your Tarot reading to send a message of fatherly-like love. This card often represents an actual person in your life right now, or it can mean you. But this King is also embodying the mature element of the Water signs, typically Cancer. But you will also find Scorpio and… Get Your Reading »

Daily Gemstone & Crystal Reading

Golden Tigers Eye

Golden Tigers Eye

If we are looking to motivate ourselves to make a change or a commitment, or are feeling depressed and self-critical, working with or keeping Golden Tigers Eye near can provide protection and help us to find some sense of balance. For Leos and Capricorns, it can be especially helpful, with its properties of creativity and even with physical issues relating to the bones, throat, or eyes. "I am… Get Your Reading »

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