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Oct 04, 2022 - You've had a lot to be getting on with these past few weeks, Tiger, and you have done your best dealing with some challenging situations, so you should be proud of yourself.

A new chapter in your life has begun and now is a period for adjustment. You are keen to find a balance in your life now so today is about focusing on how you can bring balance to yourself and to your environment.

You may find yourself questioning a relationship and yearning for a sense of freedom. Examine your thoughts today, Tiger, as they provide you with clues as to how you can find the freedom you seek. It is not always as expected.

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Daily Tarot Reading

2 of Wands

2 of Wands

In the Tarot, the number 2 is symbolic of a duality of energies and can represent love, work, thoughts, ideas, communication, or a number of other things going on in your life. When you see the 2 of Wands in a Tarot reading, the Universe is telling you that your dual-energy today could be related to… Get Your Reading »

Daily Gemstone & Crystal Reading

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Bringing us positive energy, Rose Quartz can assist those of us with love, relationships, and fatigue. It can even help those of us suffering from self-esteem that is too low, or too high! "I am filled with love and compassion for all," is its affirmation, and keeping Rose Quartz close to you can bring a sense of acceptance, calm, and forgiveness. Its primary chakra is the Heart Chakra,… Get Your Reading »

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