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Jul 03, 2020 - You've been faced with a number of challenges this year, Tiger - you just have to remember to keep going!

Yours is a sign of ferocity but also a sign blessed with a great heart. Remember to choose your battles wisely. Not everything that annoys you has to be tackled head-on. When you consider your position in a careful and strategic manner, you will see great success.

Yang energy is powerful today so it's important to balance it out with some Yin energy. Meditation can help you do this, especially among nature, which is naturally healing and therapeutic for you.

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The Hermit

The Hermit

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Helping us with issues relating to anxiety, depression, menopause and even panic attacks, Lepidolite is known to reduce stress and bring us awareness, even aiding with insomnia or general sleep problems. Lepidolite is a good crystal to work with during times of transition, or to bring on changes in order to find emotional balance. With the Heart Chakra, the center of our awareness as its primary,… Read More »

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