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May 23, 2022 - Things are starting to become clearer now, Tiger, and you know deep inside you that the struggles and challenges you have faced will lead to a better and brighter you!

It's all about investigating your emotions under this lunar energy and if you feel like trying new ways of doing things then now is a good time to put it into practice.

Take time to unwind among nature. Don't be disturbed if you hear something you don't like. Always try to look at the bigger picture, Tiger, and keep an eye out for messages from the universe!

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Daily Tarot Reading

3 of Pentacles

3 of Pentacles

Long-term plans are being made with multiple parties when the 3 of Pentacles appears. This is true whether your question is about love, money, or work, under the influence of the 3 of Pentacles. This card shows three figures working on some plans, with the plans resembling the building the 3 figures… Get Your Reading »

Daily Gemstone & Crystal Reading



Especially helpful for those with Cancer and Leo placements, Carnelian can help with anger and the feeling of being overwhelmed. To represent its peaceful aura, the affirmation "I have inner joy and peace," would best represent its energy. This crystal can help us get from a place of negativity to a place of acceptance and happiness, which is helpful when dealing with a broken heart. When working… Get Your Reading »

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