Tiger Daily Horoscope:

Nov 30, 2021 - This is a positive day for you, Tiger, as Third Trine Dog energy fills the air and compels you to focus on your sense of justice and what makes you feel passionate at this time.

You may be drawn to causes you feel you can make a difference in. However large or small, just remember that your contribution is a worthy one.

This is a time of unpredictable energy and you may not know what to expect. Think about what is most dear to you, Tiger, and what you most value.

There is a lot of change on the way which may challenge your current beliefs, but keep an open mind. Reach into your soul – the answers you seek lie deep within.

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Daily Tarot Reading

6 of Cups

6 of Cups

The 6 of Cups arrives to share some good news! It is a bright and sunshiny card, a happy one to see in any reading on any day. There is a strong sense of nostalgia in this Tarot card, with the presence of children sharing a token of love. One child is offering the other a cup filled with bouquets… Get Your Reading »

Daily Gemstone & Crystal Reading

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

"I am open to everything around me and within me," is an affirmation that is best representative of nurturing Red Jasper. This crystal is known to help those of us seeking physical protection and looking to relieve health issues involving body weakness. Red Jasper is even thought to aid in increasing vitality, that's why its stabilizing and energetic aura is particularly useful for the signs of… Get Your Reading »

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