Cancer Zodiac Sign


Cancer Astrology Dates: June 21 - July 22

Zodiac Symbol: Crab

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Moon

Ruling House: 4th

Quality: Cardinal

Polarity: Negative

Power Color: Blue, Pale Gray, White

Birthstones: Moonstone, Pearl, Emerald, Ruby

Flower: White Rose

Key Traits: Nurturing, Vulnerable, Sentimental

Desires: Simplicity, Security, Connection

Compatible Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces

Mantra: “I feel”

A Summary of the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Intuition and strong emotional intelligence server as major strengths for the Cancer spirit. Cancer zodiac signs have a strong connection to their feelings and emotions and are strong empathizers that make outstanding lifelong friends. They are commonly sought out for critical emotional support by their friends and loved ones and pride themselves in the depth of care and love they can share.

Cancer marks the Summer Solstice and is the zodiac sign often associated with many successful people. One of the key characteristics of this sign is their ability to find common ground with all different kinds of people. The Cancer zodiac sign is sociable, intelligent, and able to relate to other zodiac signs in warm, diplomatic ways. The Crab is also a very generous zodiac sign that seeks to focus on the good of the group, instead of self-serving themselves.

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The Cancer Symbol: The Crab

Cancer is the fourth astrological sign and is represented by the Crab in the constellations. The Cancer zodiac sign is a very emotional astrology sign, but one that is able to manage their emotions in feelings in healthy, mature ways. Unlike the other heavy feelers in the zodiac, the Crab demonstrates the greatest emotional intelligence with abilities to relate, empathize, and sympathize like no other.

The greatest strength that the Crab possess is the ability to read rooms and intuitively understand underlying tones of others present, a near mythical ability that other zodiacs do not possess. Cancer Crabs are loyal, and will guard their spheres of loved ones as a Crab would guard their cave. The Crab is a steadfast, resilient zodiac sign that is willing to invest unlimited time and resources to serve his or her friends.

The Cancer Element: Water

Element: Water

The Water element reflects the internal well of emotions and feelings we carry from within zodiac spirits. Much like a roaring river or a deep ocean, water reflects the depth of human emotion and the ability to connect feelings to people, things, and situations. Water is also a symbol for strong creativity and passion. Those who carry the Water sign are naturally attracted to bodies of water, like the ocean or lakes, and seek to find harmony in all aspects of their lives. Imbalance, or conflict, for any of the zodiac signs that carry the Water sign is a cause of concern and will become a top priority needed to be resolved.

Water zodiac signs are also more willing to enjoy the small things in life that carry sentiment. Taking the time to process their thoughts and understand their feelings causes Water zodiac signs to seem a bit slower, although this contributes to their strong emotional intelligence. When looking for a friend that can sit for long conversations and offer empathy, you can find comfort in the zodiac signs that carry the Water sign:

The Cancer Ruling Planet: Moon

The Moon.

The Cancer sign is ruled by the Moon, showing the strong connection between this zodiac sign and water. As a natural Water element zodiac, the Crab holds a special relationship with the Moon just as Earth’s oceans have a symbiotic relationship with the Moon and its effects on the changing tides.

The Moon rules Cancer, showing control and dominion over the emotional self. Just as the Moon changes the oceans and tides on Earth, the Moon is also closely responsible for the changing emotions and moods the Cancer experiences in their spirits.

Being ruled by the Moon means to have great depth in how much feeling and emotions the Cancer can carry with them.

The Cancer Quadruplicity

Even though all water signs are going to be very similar, there’s a lot of difference between them. This is because of the triplicities, or the qualities of those signs. Just like there are 4 elements, there are 3 triplicities. These are Cardinal, Mutable, and Fixed.

The Cancer zodiac is an instigator of ideas and is always willing to take the lead. The Cancer zodiac is also energetic, enterprising, outgoing and often impulsive. However, the Cancer sign can be afraid to take risks, and be assertive to the point of being aggressive.

The Key Personality Traits of a Cancer Sign

The Cancer zodiac sign is a well-guarded personality type that displays characteristics of strong emotional strength and social intelligence. Just like their symbol, the Crab feels exposed and vulnerable when trust is not established in relationships. Those who carry this zodiac sign are often introverted personalities that focus much of their energy inward. Known for being moody, emotional, and often unpredictable, it is no surprise that the ever moving Moon is the ruling house for this zodiac.

This is a sensitive personality type that takes words very seriously. In order to feel safe, it takes time to develop a sense of trust and acceptance with this zodiac sign. Cancer signs are well guarded, and are able to use their intuitions for best judgement in whether or not to trust others. The crab is incredibly caring, and values relationships as one of the most important things in life.

As a cardinal zodiac sign, the Cancer sign is also very goal oriented and works hard to be a high achiever in life. As a water sign, the Crab is also deeply creative and draws upon their ocean of emotions to express themselves in creative outputs. And however emotional this zodiac may be, they are also incredibly strong in their ability to confront challenges in life.

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Top Cancer Traits

Emotional strength and intuition will always define Cancer’s top strengths and traits. This is an emotional, but kind hearted and compassionate personality type that makes for an outstanding friend. The Cancer sign is very internally focused and able to guard secrets very well, making them excellent confidants. Private, introverted, and soft spoken are other top personality traits for the Cancer zodiac house. The ability to draw upon emotions to provide empathy and sympathy gives a unique set of strengths that allow this zodiac to connect to other signs unlike any other.

Top Cancer Challenges

The shadow of the Cancer’s top traits is also focused on the strong emotions they carry. The Crab may be a very guarded, sensitive zodiac sign that can display distance and isolation when feeling unsafe or unwanted. Moods are ever changing for this zodiac, causing those who are under this house to seem unpredictable and difficult to deal with in conflict because of their ability to take things too personally at times. Of course, Cancers take these blows seriously and are not quick to forgive or let go of grudges. The strong emotional attachment this zodiac sign creates causes the Cancer to be clingy and need constant approval and reassurance of their value in relationships.

Cancer During Conflict

In managing the top challenges for the Cancer sign, those under this zodiac house need to actively manage their emotions and be aware of the strong source of feelings that flows from within them. During conflict, the Cancer sign would fare well to manage their emotions and try to take time to cool down before responding. In conflict, responding in an emotional state will only cause further conflict for the Cancer sign, and as such, those under this zodiac need to be aware of their knee-jerk reactions of words that can fly out when upset.

Relationships & Sex: Understanding the Cancer Lover

One trait stands out above all else to the Cancer lover: trust. Cancers do not open up freely. They are often known as treasure chests that take years to open. These natural care-givers want to feel safe and respected in loving relationships, and will reciprocate when they feel contentment in safe and open environments. Cancers are caring, loyal, and deeply dependent on those around them. Read the Cancer Love horoscope to understand what attracts the Cancer to a potential relationship.

Cancers are intense, deep lovers that focus on feelings and connection. These facets are the foundation to the incredible sexual relationships they have. Because of the focus on connection, sexuality and intimacy for the Cancer lover is best expressed when trust and comfortability are present. To understand how Cancer approaches love and sex, read the Daily Cancer Sex horoscope.

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  • Shy and reserved
  • Kind and gentle
  • Have a good sense of humor
  • Romantic and affectionate
  • Responsible, polite, and chivalrous
  • Have refined tastes
  • Conventional
  • Determined and have high expectations
  • Have old-fashioned values
  • Patient
  • Judgmental
  • Need attention and affection
  • Moody and wistful

  • Enjoy food and socializing
  • Often collect things
  • Like to be pampered and spoiled
  • Protective and make sacrifices for their loved ones
  • Rarely aggressive
  • Prone to mood swings
  • Don’t like to be criticized
  • Insecure, need lots of reassurance
  • Take rejection very hard
  • Can be vain and jealous
  • Sentimental
  • Enjoy food and socializing
  • Often collect things
  • Like to be pampered and spoiled
  • Protective and make sacrifices for their loved ones
  • Rarely aggressive
  • Prone to mood swings
  • Don’t like to be criticized
  • Insecure, need lots of reassurance
  • Take rejection very hard
  • Can be vain and jealous

The Cancer Child

  • Moody
  • Observant, good memories
  • Need a lot of attention
  • Imaginative
  • Need a secure home environment, very influenced by their families
  • Shy and easily disciplined
  • Can entertain themselves
  • Independent thinkers
  • Nervous and fearful
  • Can easily learn how to be cynical and bitter
  • Withdrawn and lonely from time to time
  • Do not like to be teased
  • will throw tantrums
  • Get hurt feelings easily

Cancer Zodiac Compatibility

Cancer Compatibility sign.

Taurus and Pisces make for the best compatible signs for this zodiac type. Because of the vast amount of emotions and feelings always present within the Cancer sign, they will need to find someone who is able to manage the storms of ever changing moods that the Cancer sign will bring.

Because of this, the Taurus zodiac and Pisces signs make for some of the most compatible partners. Other signs, including the Virgo and Scorpio, who can reassure and provide constant reassurance for the sensitive Cancer personality would make great partners. The Cancer sign needs to feel guarded and safe, and the zodiac signs that are protective of their partners find long lasting relationships in these pairings.

How to Get the Attention of Someone With a Cancer Zodiac Sign

It’s easy to find attraction to the Cancer zodiac sign because of their ability to connect feelings on a deep emotional level. There is something keen about how Cancer signs will be able to make other zodiac signs feel deeply for them, drawing on their negative polarity. Because this is a very guarded, intuitive zodiac sign, those seeking to gain the attention of the Crab need to be honest and sensitive. The Cancer sign is very sentimental, and will appreciate the quality time that is invested in getting to know this person. Making the most of quality time by asking questions about the Cancer’s life and experiences is a good starting point in establishing trust and opening up the doors.

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Career & Money: The Cancer Sign at Work

Cancers are professional problem solvers. Because of their unique abilities to observe, analyze and assess situations before rushing into action – Cancers are well known for being able to produce creative solutions to complex problems. Read more in your Daily Cancer Career horoscope to understand what challenges the Cancer experiences and how to overcome them in the office or workplace.

Cancers are proud of the success that they find in their careers. The unexplainable, metaphysical relationship that Cancers have with their intuition is also reflected in how they manage their wealth and finances. If it doesn’t feel right to spend money at certain points, the Cancer will refrain and wait until a more opportune time. Cancers are more focused on security, developing financial game plans that help them establish strong foundations of financial peace. Explore the Daily Cancer Money horoscope to understand how the Cancer can best plan their financial future.

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The Cancer Birthstones

Moonstone, Pearl, Emerald, Ruby are the Cancer zodiac birthstones. Moonstone reflects love and sexuality, exuding emotional energy that connects spirits together. The Pearl reflects the deep inner value of the Crab, and symbolizes the treasure within. Emerald is a bright green gemstone that reflects the inner power that the Cancer is able to possess. And, the Ruby is used to prove the Cancer crab with the fiery powers of the Sun to harness their emotional intelligence and feelings outward.

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Influential People that Share the Cancer Zodiac Sign

  • Princess Diana
  • Elon Musk
  • Tom Cruise
  • Tom Hanks
  • Robin Williams
  • Julius Caesar
  • Alexander the Great
  • Nelson Mandela

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