Gemini Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs


Gemini - Pisces Compatibility

Gemini Matched With Pisces There are as many commonalities between Gemini and Pisces in love compatibility as there are differences. This makes for a very exciting match between the two, because they are both flexible and willing and open to… read more


Gemini - Aquarius Compatibility

Gemini Matched With Aquarius A dual Air Sign match is always an exciting one. So when you match Gemini and Aquarius, the love compatibility will be very high. Here we have the Mutable energy of Gemini pairing with Fixed energy of Aquarius. This is a… read more


Gemini - Capricorn Compatibility

Gemini Matched With Capricorn A Gemini and Capricorn match is one that brings a lot of differences to the table. It will be key for both parties in this relationship to accept those differences, and embrace them in order for this to work. Even so… read more


Gemini - Sagittarius Compatibility

Gemini Matched With Sagittarius Love compatibility between Air and Fire is always an exciting combination, and when both of these signs are Mutable Signs, watch out! The sparks will always be flying between Gemini and Sagittarius as wind catches fire… read more


Gemini - Scorpio Compatibility

Gemini Matched With Scorpio On paper this is another love compatibility match that has a tough road ahead, according to many astrologers. What we can tell you however about the Gemini and Scorpio match is, there is some excellent long term potential… read more


Gemini - Libra Compatibility

Gemini Matched With Libra A Gemini and Libra match bodes very well for love compatibility. Here we have the Mutable Air of Gemini matched with the Cardinal Air of Libra. These traits bring a breath of fresh air to the table in this partnership, and a… read more


Gemini - Virgo Compatibility

Gemini Matched With Virgo If you ask a run of the mill astrologer what they think about the love compatibility chances are between a Gemini and Virgo match, you may not like your answer. But we are not just any astrologer, so if this is the match you… read more


Gemini - Leo Compatibility

Gemini Matched With Leo There are always sparks when you combine wind and fire, so the Mutable Air Gemini matched with Leo, the Fixed Fire, is an exciting and passionate connection. In this relationship there is a lot of play, high energy, and… read more


Gemini - Cancer Compatibility

Gemini Matched With Cancer When you pair a Mutable Air Sign like Gemini with a Cardinal Water Sign like Cancer, many astrologers will say the love compatibility meter on this one is very low. For some it will seem like, what CAN you two agree on? But… read more


Gemini - Gemini Compatibility

Gemini Matched With Gemini A Gemini and Gemini combination will always be one extreme or the other. Here we have two Mutable Air Signs and this ranks very high on the love compatibility meter. The one thing to note about this match however, is that… read more


Gemini - Taurus Compatibility

Gemini Matched With Taurus With a Gemini and Taurus match we have a Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus paired with a Mutable Air Sign of Gemini. Many astrologers will agree that on paper, the love compatibility between Gemini and Taurus is strained at best.… read more


Gemini - Aries Compatibility

Gemini Matched With Aries A Gemini and Aries match is a match that combines Air and Fire which makes it a very dynamic combination. This is a connection on both an intellectual as well as a physical level. Both signs love to be optimistic in even the… read more