Your Revealing April 2021 Tarotscopes

Posted on March 27, 2021
Updated on May 12, 2021

April taroscopes displayed on the Astrology Answers Master Tarot Deck.

With fiery and spontaneous Aries season dominating for most of April, we might be anxious to know what is actually in store for us as we settle further into 2021.

In fact, April is always a bit of a mixed bag of seasons. Even though we have bold and brash Aries season in the skies for most of the month, comfortable and steady Taurus will take over later in the month.

Whether or not you are particularly fond of Aries or Taurus season, April is ripe with opportunity because of these signs. Aries takes initiative with new projects and endeavors, and Taurus creates the foundation we need to make something long-term.

As such, it’s always a good idea to see what your particular landscape for April 2021 looks like for your zodiac sign to see how you can best take advantage of this energy.

Let’s check in with our monthly Tarotscope with one card each from the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana to see what is in store for your zodiac sign!

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Your April 2021 Tarot Horoscope


The World & 5 of Swords (Reversed)

Oh, we absolutely love to see this energy on the table for you, Aries!

Of course, figure that we have such fortuitous cards for you in your reigning season. With the energy of The World supporting you, it’s clear that the ideas and projects you have in mind this month are very much in line with the bigger picture. This energy is exciting, fun, and aligned with your true self.

The stipulation of Aries season is that it also highlights a lot of the stubborn and hard-headed qualities of the fighting ram. Still, with the 5 of Swords in a reversed position, it’s clear that you’re making an honorable attempt to put themes of conflict behind you.

Have fun, keep at it, and know that you’re supported in all these efforts!


The Hermit & 10 of Pentacles

Your cards for April are very in character for you, Taurus.

Slow, sensual, and steady, the Hermit and the 10 of Pentacles present energy focused on stability and comfort. Some more solo time is likely in order, although you might keep your close friends and loved ones nearby as the 10 of Pentacles indicates a kind of familial vibe.

Still, your April is very “me-focused.” You’ll have more downtime to relax, think of your long-term plans, and settle into energy of abundance and comfort in the process.

Take it slow, and don’t worry about rushing into the fiery vibe of Aries season. You’ve got your own plans, and they’re great for you!


The Chariot & 3 of Wands

In March, things were kind of a lull for our typically outgoing and energetic Geminis.

Now, however, it seems that Aries season will have re-ignited your inner spark. The 3 of Wands may not be the promise of a grand adventure you want quite yet, but it’s a great starting point. It shows initiative, drive, and the beginnings of a good plan.

Additionally, the Chariot foretells success and hard work being put in to achieve it. It won’t be an easy road necessarily, but the energy here is optimistic and motivated, which is always great to see when a desired plan or goal is in mind.

Enjoy, and don’t lose sight of that curious Gemini spirit — it will do wonders for you this month.

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The Tower & 7 of Cups

It’s not an easy outlook for Cancer this April, but it’s not unmanageable either.

The Tower really shakes things up for you this month, likely bringing many changes and perhaps disappointing conclusions. Especially for sensitive Cancer who prefer the comforts of home and familiarity, you won’t always enjoy the fall of old structures and plans you may have invested in.

Still, the 7 of Cups won’t leave you without a way out. It shows that you have options here — but you do have to choose. Not everything can stay in your life this month, and you might have to make some hard decisions about what stays and what goes.

Take some deep breaths, trust your intuition, and know that you’re very capable of picking the right route, Cancer. You got this!


The Magician & Queen of Swords (Reversed)

Leos can typically appreciate the energy of April, sharing the fiery quality of Aries but still relating to the Fixed quality of Taurus.

You will indeed be prospering this month because of that, Leo. The Magician shines upon you with a productive, creative, and bold light, helping you start up any projects or ideas you have in your back pocket.

The catch? With the Queen of Swords in a reversed position, you need to make sure you don’t get too caught up in your own head and ice out everyone around you. Your own goals and priorities are great but share the spotlight too.

And with all that in mind, you can have a productive and prosperous April!


The Emperor & 4 of Wands

After March, we saw that Virgo had been steadily building and pursuing what you want — kudos, by the way!

This month, we do have energies of success and prospering here, but it may feel a bit like a lull in your initial progress. With The Emperor on the table, you’re being called to step up and lead the way for others. And with the 4 of Wands, the focus gets called to your foundations and close relationships with others.

This isn’t exactly the fun and exciting outlook of continuing the previous progress that you may want. Still, it’s a huge compliment to your skills.

People are relying on your expertise, Virgo. More than anyone, you’re qualified to lead the way.


Wheel of Fortune & 8 of Swords (Reversed)

All is in divine alignment for our lovely Libras this month!

First, major kudos. The 8 of Swords is not a fun card to deal with, indicating restraints and constrictions. People may have been trying to tie you down or tell you what to do, but you have successfully flipped this tricky card upside-down, showing your determination to go after what you know is right for you.

As a result, the Wheel of Fortune shares fortuitous and highly lucky energy with you, being ruled by lucky planet Jupiter. It indicates trust and alignment with the Universe and rewards you greatly because of this.

So go forth and claim what is yours this month, Libra. Take a few risks, as luck is truly on your side.

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The High Priestess & 3 of Cups

The cards have been quite a rollercoaster ride for Scorpio friends thus far, as we closed out March with a mixed bag of energies.

Finally, it’s your time to shine in April. The High Priestess indicates strong intuition, spiritual understanding, and clear vision. Truly, this is just you in your element, Scorpio, as you are one of the more psychic and spiritually in-tune signs of the zodiac.

Additionally, the 3 of Cups shows some quality time with your close friends and connections. You’ve been riding more of a solo wave recently, but this energy brings you back into cheery times with loved ones.

Enjoy and take advantage of this lovely energy, Scorpio. You deserve it, after all!


Temperance (Reversed) & Queen of Cups (Reversed)

It’s time to slow back down, wild archer.

Much to your dismay, Sagittarius, Temperance in reversed position indicates a need for patience and slowing down. You may be excited by the outgoing Aries season energy, but this card reminds you not to overdo it. You have work to do still before venturing off into the wild unknown.

This is because with the Queen of Cups reversed. It’s clear that there’s still some unfinished business at bay when it comes to your emotions. This energy usually calls you into loving connections and beautiful creative energy, but it’s not fully unpacked for you, which means you have to slow down to coax it out.

Having a bit of downtime is not the end of the world, of course. You’ll have to roll with this unexpected tide.


The Star & 4 of Cups

There’s a new beginning on the horizon for you, Capricorn… so why are you hesitant to take it?

The Star forecasts energy of clean slates and exciting new paths. Because of its healing and spiritually-aligned energy, the new path doesn’t always look as traditional as we typically expect of a fresh slate. Still, it’s great energy to seize nonetheless. And yet, the 4 of Cups shows you leaning towards rejecting it.

It’s true that as an Earth sign, you demonstrate some reservations and caution when it comes to taking a new leap. Especially being uncomfortable in Aries season, you may not feel as inclined to jump ahead.

Still, you’re going to have to take a few chances this April if you want to take advantage of this energy, Capricorn. Don’t be afraid of the unknown — let yourself fall into something different now and then, wise goat.


The Lovers & Ace of Swords (Reversed)

If you’re open to it, April can be a month of love and romance for you, Aquarius.

The Lovers brings a fun, flirty, and exciting energy to the table for you this month. It’s a bit silly and youthful, but sometimes that’s the kind of feeling we need — plus, it’s fun! Whether you channel this into literal romantic connections or have more lighthearted fun with friends, The Lovers is a great indication for all your connections.

The drawback is that, with the Ace of Swords in a reversed position, you mustn’t overdo it. Yes, The Lovers’ energy is energetic and exciting, but it can become reckless if you take it too far. Still remember to think before you act, and don’t rush into major relationship decisions no matter how tempting it is.

All the fun and excitement are well and good — just in moderation.

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Strength & 2 of Swords (Reversed)

Time to look inward, Pisces.

The blindfold is off with the 2 of Swords in reversed position. This reveals many important truths — perhaps about the people in your life, the roles you carry, the way you approach your career. It can concern anything and everything, and suddenly your vision will be crystal clear when it comes to what is meant for you and what isn’t.

The truth doesn’t always sit comfortably, of course. So, we have Strength here too to help you as you proceed. You’ll maintain your resolve and stability as you sift through the elements of your life that may need some tweaking — or removal altogether.

Just know that in whatever you decide in the end, you’ll have been the best person fit to call the shots. Your intuition is on point in April, so don’t stress.

Approaching April With Your Tarotscope

The astrological landscape of April may seem unpredictable or difficult to anticipate at first. It’s true, after all, that Aries season tends to lead us into the month with a bang.

However, your Tarotscope can be a valuable resource and tool for you to use as you head into the new month. With a general idea of what its energies look like for your sign, in particular, you can formulate the best approach.

Of course, there may always be some element of unpredictability at play. Still, luckily there are more than enough tools and resources out there — from astrology to the Tarot — that can make a big difference in your readiness.

Return to your Tarotscope at any time if you feel that you need the guidance again, or pick up a deck of cards yourself to see what they have to say to you!

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